The Hidden Biden Treasure Trove of Guilt

It was bound to happen. I can’t imagine that Democrats thought the Biden Crime Family didn’t make big mistakes.

Despite the Bidens’ obvious guilt, Democrats backed the crooked First Crime Family. The DOJ continued running interference for the Biden, perhaps out of guilt, but most likely out of embarrassment for their earlier efforts on their behalf.

No doubt the Bidens received payments from multiple countries. And laughably, they set up at least 20 LLC so they could launder the money. Adding insult to injury, the Bidens made sure that almost the family members got paid—at least nine thus far.

In the most recent connect-the-dots on the Joe Biden’s involvement in the Biden crime family business, we learned how they referred to Biden the Elder.


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But recall not that long ago what we learned about Joe Biden communicated with Hunter Biden through personal emails.

These emails were previously released by the Archives. But what makes this revelation so juicy is that Hunter Biden himself will likely bring “Pedo Pete” (one of Biden’s many monikers) to justice.

As with most of the revelations we’ve learned about the crooked Biden family, no Q-anon or right-wing conspirators colluded. Ironically, the emails were retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

So we know now that the man who declared “I never talked to my soon about his overseas business dealings” may have been splitting hairs. He may not have “talked”. But he certainly communicated with Hunter by email.

Joe Biden used the email address “[email protected]” while he was Obama’s second-in-command. Further, Biden’s aide John Flynn cc’d Hunter on 10 emails containing the elder Biden’s daily schedule between May 18 and June 15, 2016.

Anybody want to guess why “the big guy” wanted Hunter to know details of his schedule? Because you can’t peddle influence, if you can’t get ahold of “Rob Peters”.

And what of those unexpected yet well-timed dinner calls between Hunter and Papa? Perhaps these emails shed more light on an alrighty well-illuminated crime sage.

I hate how slow the Republicans move on things like this. However, I do enjoy the daily drips that back the Bidens into a corner.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer asked the National Archives to hand over any unredacted records in which President Biden used a pseudonym during his vice presidency. Because as they say in certain informercials: “But WAIT!”

Comer’s request covers records using Biden’s other known pseudonyms — “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware”. These are very specific, and pretty much seal the Bidens’ doom. As an aside, if Joe Biden faked an injury and left six months ago, he could have likely avoided much of the ugliness to come.

For example, Comer wants to know what Biden told Ukraine. To that end, he’s requested drafts of Biden’s December 2015 speech to Ukraine’s parliament.

What will Comer find there? Actually, who cares?

One only need look at what Biden has given China to impeach the old fool. Still, I do enjoy watching the Bidens desperation and seeing the Democrats scramble.

What else awaits the Biden?

What other Biden lies have been ignored by the media and other Leftists? Let’s see what Hunter’s magic laptop reveals next. That said, I do have a few ideas.

Remember Tara Reade? The woman who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault? And what of those showers with Biden’s sex-crazed daughter Ashley? Maybe the media will decide it’s time to get more microscopic on “Pedo Pete”.

I can hardly wait for the Left to accept what most of America and the world knows. Biden is and has always been a creepy guy. And the exposure of this old clown reinforces how stupid the elites who cheated Biden into office are. Consider that Biden represents the best of them, and you get the picture.


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