BREAKING: McCarthy Announces That Biden Received Funds for Hunter

Surprise! Joe Biden is a liar. In yet another glaring lie we know definitively that Joe Biden knew of Hunter Biden’s business grift.

And we have more dots to connect to prove that Joe Biden is “the big guy”.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave a press conference where he shows that part of the funds received by Hunter Biden went to the Joe Biden home. We already know that the Biden duo commingled funds, so let’s see how Joe Biden answers what McCarthy reveals around the one minute mark:

The gist:

Biden said he knew nothing about Hunter’s business. Then he proclaimed he never spoke to his son or other Bidens about their businesses. Next, it morphed into he wasn’t in business with them, and now we get this latest update.

What will Biden say now to defend against these new allegations?


Two checks for Hunter Biden wired to Joe Biden’s home. Why not wire them to a PO Box or Hunter Biden’s business address? According to Hunter’s book, he wasn’t living at his father’s home at the time.

Even more damning is that Hunter Biden’s attorney said they had never received money from this individual. According to McCarthy, that is a lie.

The man in question was not only friends with Hunter Biden, but friends with Joe Biden.  So much so that Joe Biden wrote letters of recommendation to colleges for the man’s children.

One can argue that’s what friends do. But with the Bidens, nothing is for free. How do you go from not knowing the man to accepting money from him? This should be a fairly easy bunny trail.

As I’ve said for some time, Biden is out. The mere fact that Republicans can continue this drip campaign makes me believe that the Uniparty decided to dump Biden. He is a total liability.

We will update as the story continues to develop.

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