DOJ Lied about Suppressing Hunter Biden’s Biggest Crimes

The Department of Justice in America is crooked. A partisan attack dog organization acting on behalf of the Democratic Party.

Worse, the DOJ puts its full weight behind Democrats even when they are moronic imbeciles like Joe and Hunter Biden.

In another slap in the face to the American public, the DOJ works to protect the Bidens. This time they want to block an FBI agent from testifying. This agent has first-hand knowledge of how the agency helped Big Tech censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Thank God Republicans won the House. Because that’s the only reason we have arrived in this moment.

In the latest episode of “The Crooked Bidens”, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan discovered that FBI agent Elvis Chan lied about the computer. Jordan and team want to know if the FBI helped social media companies downplay the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Chan had agreed to voluntarily appear Friday. He was to provide the committee testimony, represented by his personal counsel. But knowing that the truth might get out with Chan’s testimony, the FBI covered for Biden by not allowing Chan to testify.

According to The Daily Mail:

Agency witnesses are allowed to bring either agency counsel or personal counsel to committee interviews, but not both. The rule is set up so agency witnesses can be more candid in testimony without fear of professional retribution, according to the committee.

But two sources with direct knowledge of the situation tell that DOJ derailed the testimony because agency counsel also showed up Friday morning. As a result, Chan’s interview did not take place as planned.

Understand that the FBI gamed the House. They intentionally sent their counsel to disrupt the hearing. This gives the agency a bit more time to intimidate Chan.

Now, an official subpoena is expected to be issued later Friday for Chan to appear for a transcribed interview next Thursday, Sept. 21.

The FBI disputed the claim that DOJ blocked Chan from testifying, calling it a ‘significant departure’ from normal procedures. And the DOJ said the committee blocked the interview, not them.

Why would the committee block the interview? Short answer: they wouldn’t.

Just another blatant lie that Biden’s crooked DOJ expects us to believe. But no surprise there, given that their boss is the king of the pathological liars.





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