Fake News Outlet Gets Embarrassed

Another embarrassing moment for Leftists happened recently. It occurred in media and of course was ignored by media.

A guffaw that will surely make CNN happy they have no audience, show host Abby Phillip blundered in front of the whole world. Phillip also showcased how inept CNN has become.

Phillip is one of the new faces at CNN, and the antithesis of what former CNN CEO Chris Licht wanted. A dyed-in-the-wool Leftist, Phillip made headlines on issues involving conservatives, most notably calling Fox News “outrage porn”.

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Below is the embarrassing exchange for Phillip, where Congressman Matt Gaetz fact-checks Phillip:


PHILLIP: You did vote against the defense appropriations bill this week that…

GAETZ: No, I didn’t

PHILLIP: The rule…

GAETZ: No, you’re wrong

PHILLIP: The rule to…

GAETZ: Abby, this is going to be a very embarrassing moment when the internet corrects you on this. I voted for the defense rule both times.

PHILLIP: Uh, oh, well, I…I stand corrected. Congressman, appreciate you joining us tonight, thank you so much.

The Lesson?

CNN recently dismissed its short-lived CEO, Chris Licht, because Licht tried to take the fake news organization back to its formerly respected beginnings. But he encountered nothing but resistance.

Though Licht managed to excise some cancers, like Cuomo and Lemon, too much of the cancer remained. Once Licht was gone, the company quickly reverted. And Phillip represented more of the same.

An affirmative action hire, and an example to the knee-jerk reaction to wokeism. Let’s examine how

Look at how Phillip handled this interview.

“Appreciate you joining us tonight”? That’s all Phillip had to see after intentionally unsheathing her sword on Gaetz?

Clearly Phillip didn’t appreciate Gaetz for joining her. She got snakebit by her own incompetent staff.

Sadly, Gaetz didn’t follow up.

As a seasoned veteran Gadsen snake, I know I would have seized on the interview. Thus, with a wry smile I would have asked Phillip, “Which producer will get promoted over this idiotic mistake?”

So you know, hosts do almost nothing to prepare shows. It’s Senior Producers who set the show’s agenda. In most cases, the host just gets a read-through.

Professional hosts will at least read their notes–which come as blocs–and make sure they know the subject matter, how to pronounce difficult names, and so on. The producers will generally explain any videos or tosses from reporters.

Hosts are then told what guests will be on, and given their talking points will have been integrated into the show notes.

In the case of Gaetz, no such talking points existed. So the producer really screwed up. But Phillips wasn’t smart enough to catch the problem.

Promotions are in order.

Mistakes get rewarded with Leftists. You almost have to try to screw up as badly as Leftists.

As for Phillip and the interview, you know she had more questions for Gaetz. But after she found out that her information was flawed, she was forced to end the interview.

That said, if Phillip possessed any class, she could have pivoted by apologizing to Gaetz. Then she could have delved more deeply into the reason she thought he had voted against the measure. But she did what Leftists do: she cut and ran.

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