Rape Victim’s Father Issues Dire Warning

We should all be VERY Afraid!

Remember when we brought you the story of the Louden County father who was arrested for getting angry at a school board?

Let me refresh your memory: Scott Smith wasn’t just angry. He was mortified. Horrified. And in a state of disbelief. He sent his little girl to school, expecting that she was safe inside those walls. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you don’t remember Scott Smith and the Louden County Schoolboard Meeting being referenced, here’s a little refresher.

It’s amazing just how many things parents have to worry about. Reading levels, school supplies, competent teachers, over-crowded classrooms- these are the everyday concerns. Then there are the chances of school shootings, pedophiles disguised as school employees, bullying, and shockingly, rape in the bathroom. These are the things we should never have to think about.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way life goes. Now, not only are students raped on campus, but schools are so afraid of the optics regarding LGBTQ, they’re willing to cover up serious crimes.

At least that’s what happened to one Virginia student, and her dad isn’t taking it lying down. In fact, he went viral after being dragged out of a Louden County School Board meeting.

Scott Smith was outraged with his 15-year-old daughter was raped by a 14-year-old trans boy in the girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. Not only is the crime itself viscous, and traumatic, but the school tried to play it off as “no big deal.”

In fact, school officials didn’t even use the word “rape.” Instead, they called it a “physical altercation” in the restroom. Like a little fight over lip gloss? A simple push and shove between girls?

Of course, when he arrived at the school, Smith learned the horrific truth. Not only was his daughter brutally raped, but the school hoped the situation could be handled “in house.” They didn’t even notify police.

Sadly, Smith was arrested for his outburst that interrupted the incompetent school board’s meeting. His fight for justice is finally winding down, even if it didn’t pan out as Smith hoped.

Now Smith, recently pardoned by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, is speaking out against the DOJ for their involvement and handling of his case. In a new interview, Smith elaborated on his belief that he wasn’t treated fairly by federal prosecutors.

Of course we know he wasn’t treated fairly; this is the land of leftism. As such, it is better for the woke leaders to allow a transgender student to rape girls in the bathroom than it is to say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH”, and put an end to this BS.

Justice? What Justice?

Sadly, Smith discovered quite the disheartening truth: the department created and dedicated to fabricating justice actually creates the opposite.

In a recent Fox interview, Smith said; “I really wanted to win this straight up in court on my own merit, but unfortunately, you know as things have played out — our justice system across this land is unfortunately politicized and weaponized to the [hilt], and that should scare every American.”

According to the New York Post:

Smith also addressed a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that claimed the press used his altercation as proof of some type of greater right-wing campaign, or “an attempt to fit Mr. Smith into the Democratic Party’s portrayal of conservative critics of government as motivated by hatred.”

“It’s all true,” Smith said when presented with the article. “It’s what they did.

“They used me to silence moms and dads and grandmothers and grandpas and everybody else that we’re starting this movement to protect our children to stand up for our rights, to protect our children and say what we think is right for them.

“And there’s clear evidence that it somewhat worked,” he said, calling the Justice Department memo to school boards “bone-chilling.”

Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County School Board meeting on June 22, 2021, when he spoke out about his teenage daughter being sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by a transgender student. He reportedly unleashed a storm of profanities and was convicted of disorderly conduct.

But he told “America Reports” he was not actually verbally sparring with the unsupportive school board members, as was originally believed, but rather a “radical parent” who called him a liar and threatened to “ruin” him on social media.

“I never spoke to the school board. That whole story is really kind of askew,” Smith said. 

So, in more than two years, we’ve never heard the real story? How’s that for media integrity? Smith’s case popped up on my radar the day the incident was first reported, and I’ve followed along since then, and this is the first I’ve heard of a story askew.

Why was the media so insistent that Smith attacked the School Board?

My guess is that leftists thought it would be much easier to paint Smith as the “bad guy” if he lashed out at the school board. However, the real story is even more benign. Smith simply exchanged impassioned words with a fellow parent. An a$$hole parent, at that.

Now, Smith set the record straight:

“I was sitting in my little area, and a radical protester came and I heard this shouting behind me, and I turned around, and it was my wife and her — I didn’t even know my wife was there. She came in behind me,” he recounted.

“So I stepped in, tried to explain to this lady what was going on,” he said, saying he told the woman about his daughter’s assault by a transgender student.

“She looked at me dead in the face and said, ‘That’s not true, that’s not what happened. You are lying.’”

The police tried to de-escalate the situation, Smith said, but when they walked away, he again turned to engage the woman verbally.

That was when, he said, she threatened to “ruin” him on social media.

“I called her an expletive — the next thing I know, there are hands all over me, grabbing me from behind,” Smith recounted.

He said he was never “really fighting to clear my name from a disorderly conduct charge, I mean, I’m a country boy, I’m just disorderly sometimes.

Clearly a straight-shooter, I’m inclined to take Smith’s word. Unfortunately, doing so means I believe free speech is an endangered value.

The death of your free speech, of my free speech, it could happen. At any time, it could happen! Smith surely never expected to see it happen to him.

The NY Post continues:

“You know, what this was all about was my free speech, you know, that should not have happened that day,” [Smith] told anchor John Roberts.

Gov. Youngkin is pictured on FOX News Sunday.
Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced on Fox News Sunday he pardoned Smith.
@GovernorVA / Twitter

Smith was pardoned by Youngkin on Sunday when the Republican governor told “Fox News Sunday,” “I spoke with Mr. Smith on Friday, and I had the privilege of telling Mr. Smith that I will pardon him, and we did that on Friday.

“We righted a wrong. He should’ve never been prosecuted here. This was a dad standing up for his daughter.”

But Loudon County Democratic Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj, who was ultimately removed from the case, slammed the pardon as a “political stunt” and an “unprecedented, inappropriate intervention into an active legal case.”

She accused Youngkin of making himself “judge and jury” over herself and politically opposite county officials who were involved in the case.

When asked about those comments on Monday, Smith said Biberaj is “one of the most evil people I’ve ever met.”

“Unfortunately, I had to deal with her face-to-face with the prosecution of the sexual predator of my daughter,” he said. “We need to vote her out.”

The teenage suspect who sexually assaulted Smith’s daughter was found guilty of two counts of forcible sodomy.

The suspect was sentenced to a residential treatment facility and placed on the sex offender registry.

However, it seems Smith got the real punishment, as his only “crime” was using his voice. You shouldn’t need a governor’s pardon for speaking up.

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