Biden is Looking for the Easy Way Out of Running in 2024

Joe Biden needs an excuse to bow out of the upcoming butt-kicking he would get (again) from Trump. And I know his exit plan.

It’s becoming all too commonplace to see Joe Biden falling. In that regard, he represents his new version of America well: old and decrepit.

How many times has Biden fallen? Nobody knows the real answer. Because Biden falls even when we don’t see him. Regardless, what we do know is Biden falls a lot.

Remember when he fell off a bike? Who falls off a bike after the age of 5? Joe Biden, that’s who.

And that fall occurred almost 3 years ago.


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Falling up stairs is rare, but Biden makes it look routine.

There have been multiple instances of Biden falling up or down stairs.¬†What’s he doing in the picture below?

Picking up a burner phone he uses for Hunter?

No, he’s FALLING UP THE STAIRS, like a broken-down shell of a human being.

And when Biden isn’t shaking hands with imaginary people or meandering around stage, he’s tripping over “ghost” sandbags.

The frail “big guy” can’t even get up on his own. Folks, this was a public display. One only wonders how things work in private.

Moving on, in this latest example Biden almost falls down the “short bus” aforementioned “Affirmative Action” stairs.

The stairs I’m sure 25 union guys shortened so that Biden wouldn’t trip; especially in his new tennis shoes.

Outcome. The same.

Biden’s handlers demanded that Biden be given fewer steps to avoid him taking a “louie”. Even with that, Biden tripped, but caught himself.

Thank God for handrails or Biden would likely have done exactly that. And a fall at his age could be–correction–would be catastrophic.

In a previous article, I mentioned how Democrats plan to address Biden’s age with exercise and such. I find it hysterical that only now they pretend to recognize his age. Me thinks they know much earlier.

During the Campaign Coup of 2020, Biden actually hid in his basement to cover his age. Recall he wore that stupid mask, because even the common cold could kill him.

Most interesting is during this time, Democrats hid Biden due to his dementia, not his physical. But the signs were there. On the mental side, polling at the time had 20 percent of Democrats believing Biden unfit due to diminished mental capacity. I jokingly thought at the time, the other 80 percent find Biden unfit to lead even with adequate mental capacity.

Anyway, Democrats managed to cover for Biden’s obvious dementia. But you can cover up for a guy tripping over invisible sandbags or falling up or down flights of stairs. And that gangly walk.

Biden’s body and mind are stressed from over exertion. Keeping up with the lies taxes the immune system.

Speaking of stress, not long ago the media wrote of the toll Hunter Biden’s situation is taking on “the big guy”. What they didn’t mention is that Biden the Elder is less concerned about Hunter Biden going to prison than the stoppage of his percentage of the take.

There is no fix, though Democrats pretend to have one.

Biden is now on a regimen. Exercising each morning, no doubt with his new tennis shoes. No more wing-tips for the big guy. Just fashionable tennis shoes. And lastly, shorter stairs.

I repeat. None of this will work. Biden is old and decrepit. Nothing will fix that. After all, Biden is no Trump; a man who seems to age in reverse.

It won’t be long before Biden takes another stumble. And the Left will finally jettison him.



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