BREAKING: Two U.S. Military Bases Attacked

What a difference elections make. Particularly fake elections.

The Left’s coup of Trump put the world in turmoil. And while domestically America is completely screwed up, our international policy is outright dangerous.

War in Ukraine. Biden’s war. No matter how you slice it. Biden invited Putin to go into Ukraine. And I bet Biden started this war the same way he orchestrated the removal of Prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Few doubt that Biden used the war to cover up his family’s crooked dealings in Ukraine. But what about Iran’s ties to Hamas? The same Hamas terror group who attacked Israel. What does Iran have on the Biden crime family?

Now the world faces turmoil.

Because the very compromised Joe Biden shows weakness. So Biden’s being jerked around like a child of an ugly divorce. In a time of the worst crises in decades, the mental midget serving as our Commander in Chief faces multiple threats. And the world notices.

A pair of US military bases in Syria were attacked by drones this week. Many people believe that Iran-backed terror groups are using the Israel-Hamas war to strike at American forces. And who could blame them, given Joe Biden’s feeble representation of America in his visit to Israel.

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The attacks

In one attack, drones struck the al-Tanf garrison located near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan on Thursday. Remember the sophisticated drones the United States handed over to Iran?

According to two US officials speaking on condition of anonymity, one drone was destroyed by US forces. However another caused minor injuries.

From an intelligence perspective, Iran is definitely involved.

First, the al-Tanf base that was attacked is located in an area frequently used by Iran-backed militants to shuttle weapons to Hezbollah.

Then, a second drone attack targeted the Conoco gas field in the Deir al-Zor region in eastern Syria that houses American troops, according to Syrian opposition activists.

Rami Abdurrahman of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war monitor, confirmed that five explosions were heard at the Conoco gas field.

Omar Abu Layla, a Syrian refugee and activist based in Germany who helms the Deir Ezzor 24 news outlet, said three drones loaded with explosives targeted the facility.

Under Trump, these types of attacks were rare. But now Hamas and Hezbollah openly attack American interests. And they are funded by the best: Obama and Biden.

I won’t let my readers forget how Obama gave Iran our drone technology. I wrote:

Let’s begin in 2011:

In that year under the watchful eye of Obama, Iran captured an American drone. They then publicly displayed the drone like ISIS cutting off the head of an American serviceman.


This drone was so intact, that one has to wonder if Obama didn’t order his sissified military to land the plane directly in Tehran. As we’ve said all along, it was quite the clever money laundering scam.

The foreign policy fiasco in which America finds herself resulted from Obama’s failed policies. And Biden predictably followed suit.

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