Democrat Congressman Jamaal Bowman: The New Jussie Smollett

Meet Congressman Jamaal Bowman. The Jussie Smollett of Congressional Democrats. He lies to your face, but wants to be believed.

I know who pulled that fire alarm in the Cannon Building. It was two MAGA-hat-wearing cornfed rednecks who support Donald Trump. While that’s not what the cameras at the Cannon Building showed, understand that’s what happened.

I’m not sure when we will hear Congress Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) admit to his bravery as he fought off the building intruders with a Subway sandwich?

Don’t like the Smollett comparison? What about like Hillary Clinton who lied about Russian collusion or Hunter Biden who pretended his laptop could be Russian disinformation? Do those work better?

Because what we know for a fact is like in all the earlier examples, the perp–Bowman in this case–pulled the fire alarm in the Cannon Building.

Then claimed it was an accident.

Pop Quiz: Have you ever accidentally pulled a fire alarm switch? I’ve never intentionally pulled one. That’s how (1) rare it is, and (2) how much one takes pause before doing so.

But as we’ve learned from Democrats, who cares about the truth?

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So what the evidence clearly shows Bowman in the act of doing what he claims was an accident. Moreover, from the video one can obviously see that Bowman intentionally pulled the alarm, and not for the reason stated. Signs all around YELL, “Do NOT Pull”.

Ironically, Bowman committed the same crime that got some Jan 6 protesters imprisoned. These citizens being railroaded for doing next to nothing.

Regardless, don’t expect Bowman to throw himself on the mercy of the court or the people. He doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. Because for Bowman and other Democrats, lies are their truths.

In this broadcast, MSNBC actually attempts to validate his lie:


“Last thing I wanna mention, that we’re gonna take a quick break, there was a mention of Jamal bowman, congressman Jamal bowman. And the polling of some sort of fire alarm. I want to read for some reporting, so understand it actually went on there. There were some reports that began to emerge about representative bowman, who was seen pulling some sort of filer I’m in the cannon house office building. Earlier today. We got a statement on that. Saying congressman bowman did not realize he would trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote, the congressman regrets any confusion, just to clarify some things on. That I know there was some asking speaker McCarthy about that.”


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Jamaal Bowman is no choir boy. In fact he got arrested for protesting Biden.

Don’t get excited, as Bowman was upset that Biden couldn’t pass legislation to steal elections indefinitely. Aside from wanting to make elections easier to steal, Bowman has other problems.

Bowman is the founder and former principal of the Cornerstone Academy for Social Action, a public middle school in Eastchester, Bronx. He is a member of the Lower Hudson Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Upon his swearing-in in 2021, Bowman joined The Squad–the group of progressive Democratic lawmakers. He was photographed alongside the four original Squad members and another new member, Cori Bush of Missouri’s 1st congressional district. Bowman is the Squad’s first male member.

So his antics should come as no surprise. Democrats act worse than petulant toddlers, particularly when they don’t get their way. Bowman threw a hissy-fit.

Let’s see how Democrats respond to this. Will they demonstrate the dual system of justice so many of us know exists? Their reaction to Bowman could set the stage for significant showdowns. Some of these showdowns could easily backfire on the Democrats in 2024.





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