Era of Biden: When Morons Led

and the world suffered

Joe Biden wants Americans to believe that our hard-earned tax dollars didn’t fund the attack on Israel. Nice try.

If you believe that money sent to terrorists is used as we require, then you probably believe a drug addict with a “will work for food” sign actually wants to work.

Even better, you might believe that Hunter Biden is a gifted artist, and Joe Biden isn’t “the big guy”.

Nobody believes Biden, nor should they. When you put a pathological liar in office in a coup, as they say: Elections have consequences.

I love watching Democrats and other Leftists try to sell the idea that the $6 billion given to Iran didn’t pay for terror. Even their own spokespeople admit that Iran is the single largest spreader of terror in the world. Sometimes Democrats can be so blatant in their lies, I actually think there is an underground gambling parlor where they take bets on how long a lie will be believed. Democrats truly lie for sport.

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As one group wrote,

White House aides spent the weekend crying about “misinformation” from those critical of the Biden administration’s decision to unfreeze $6 billion for Iran — the financial and often strategic backer of Hamas and other anti-Israel terrorist organizations — as well as seeking to dispel talk that “aid” money Biden sent to Gaza boosted Hamas terrorists.

As AP explained of the Biden administration’s frantic efforts to avoid criticism:

Another point of criticism leveled at the administration by Republicans is that its decision shortly after taking office to reverse a Trump-era ban on assistance to the Palestinians, including civilians in Gaza, may have helped fund the operation.

Administration officials roundly rejected this, saying their efforts to help Palestinian civilians in Gaza and elsewhere do not involve money that Hamas can use or divert.

Blatant lie.

Internal document stated that such aid to Gaza came with a “high risk”. And the risk is that Hamas would get more weapons, and thus carry out more terrorist attacks. Multiple reports exists on the contents of the internal memos. They show that the Biden administration “pushed through plans to distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer aid despite internal assessments that those plans could boost the Iran-backed terrorist group.”

This memo should never have read “could”, but should have read “will”. Every administration knows that terrorists would get the money we sent. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

Many suspect that Biden is compromised.

Most Americans believe that Biden is on the take. And his actions certainly appear that way. Who negotiates five hostages for five Americans, then throws in $6 billion and lifts sanctions? A person who is being extorted is my answer.


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