France Deploys 7000 Troops

Are they finally waking up?

The French got some sanity. Particularly in the wake of the radical Muslim group’s attack on…Notre Dame. And yes the attack on Israel helped too.

Not that long ago, Notre Dame went up in flames. And while nobody wanted to point the finger at the Muslim community public, the whispers persisted.

Laura Loomer and I were working together this morning, when we learned that Notre Dame was ablaze. Sadly, we both wondered if we would know the true details around this event.

Before declaring me and Laura “islamophobes”, consider a few things.

    • First, it’s Passover. One of the holiest of Christian days.
    • Second, Muslims have been known to destroy Christian icons.
    • Third, only three days ago a Muslim woman sentenced for plotting to set Notre Dame on fire.

Laura said something profound, as we watched the 850-year-old structure burn.

“The world watches as free speech and Christianity burns.”

While few people have the guts to say the possibility exists this is a terror attack, the fact is that’s a distinct possibility.

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So according to The New York Post, this time France is taking precautions.

The Louvre Museum in Paris and Versailles Palace evacuated tourists and staff Saturday in response to bomb threats, as the French government deployed thousands of solidiers to increase security a day after a French teacher was stabbed by a suspected Islamist terrorist.

Written bomb threats send to Paris police led to alarms evacuating visitors and staff from the Louvre and the underground shopping center beneath its pyramid.

Police searched the home of the Mona Lisa, which sees between 30,000 and 40,000 visitors per day.

What has all this “woke” integration done for France? Panicked them.

The French are very close to losing control of their country. In this one video you can see the French pushing back on protests by radical Muslims.

However, check out this show of force of protesting Palestinians.

A similar protest occurred in France. Based on the turnout, the former looked more like pure optics.

Not to mention, the Louvre was not the only French landmark shut down. The royal Palace of Versailles was also evacuated after threats. One after another the threats continued.

The Gare de Lyon, one of Paris’s biggest train stations was emptied after a possible explosive was discovered, according to reports. Next, the vast palace was closed for at least the rest of the day after the anonymous threat came through online.

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And then there were the actual acts of terror.

There was a fatal stabbing at a school in Arras on Friday. A Muslim and Chechen immigrant on the country’s extremist watchlist stabbed a teacher to death. He also severely wounded three other adults at a school.

I’m always dumbfounded when it is said that “authorities believe the attack is linked to Israel’s war with Hamas.”

France has publicly supported Israel since Hamas launched the brutal Oct. 7 terror attack. Who wouldn’t support Israel after such an attack. The support is an anti-terror stance, more than it is support of Israel per se. But terrorists and their supporters don’t tend to make the distinction.

Unlike Fort Pelosi where former Speaker Nancy Pelosi built a fort around the ruse of January 6, the French have real problems.

All of their monuments face the risk of destruction. Perhaps the world now sees how their immigration policies changed the balance of power?

The non-assimilation of Muslims represents a threat to any country. And the proof hits us in the face daily.

Consider how many people immigrate to Arab countries. Then contrast that with the number of people leaving Arab-controlled countries and you understand. It’s not Islamophobic to recognize the obvious.

Soon 7000 troops may not be enough.



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