How Long Had Hamas Planned to Attack Israel

The cracker jack team of crack-using, whore-mongering DOJ spies represented Joe Biden’s America well. And here’s how.

Instead of spying on terrorists, they targeted the biggest existential threat to America: parents at school board meetings. Perhaps that’s why Hamas was able to launch an attack against America’s only partner in the Middle East.

And now Americans are in danger all over the world. There is no place where the United States passport gives an American cover. Now, Americans are targets.

Ali Baraka, a senior Hamas official exposed the obvious on Russia Today in a Sunday interview. Baraka explained that Hamas demands that the United States engage in prisoner swaps. How would Hamas have come to the conclusion that taking Americans helps its interests? Joe Biden.

Baraka cited Biden’s recent Iran hostage deal as a rationale for taking of American captives. Consider what Iran got:

  • America: 5 prisoners
  • Iran: 5 prisoners plus $6 billion, and release of Trump-era sanctions.

Trump wrote The Art of the Deal, and Biden wrote The Art of the Steal.

In the video below, Baraka noted in a translated excerpt of the interview provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) that there are multiple Hamas members serving life sentences in U.S. prisons.

“We demand that the U.S. free our sons from prisons,” Baraka said.

Why settle for just getting back your Hamas prisons, when Joe Biden will happily sweeten the pot?

Providing funding to terrorist organizations is what Biden excels at. But the strategy of weakening America does pose a problem for the Democrats on the campaign trail next year. And let’s not forget that anti-Semitism problem their party has. More on that in a bit. For now, back to the main point.

At least 20 Americans are missing and at least 22 are dead after Hamas’ Saturday attack on Israel. And of the missing, Biden confirmed Tuesday that Americans are among the hostages taken back to Gaza. One can only imagine the hell those people are going through, particularly the women.

Further, this attack serves as a reminder for Afghanistan. Remember the Americans abandoned in that country after Biden’s disastrous pull-out.

John Solomon of Just the News showcased just one harrowing story of an American couple trying to leave Israel in similar fashion.

Soon, Friedman realized he and his bride were in peril as Hamas terrorists were hunting down American and Israeli citizens for executions or hostages. More bad news was in the offing. Friedman, a communications manager for the American Accountability Foundation nonprofit, was alerted a few hours later that the couple’s return flight Sunday to America was canceled amid the violent outbreak: All major U.S. airlines had suspended operations in the country.

He scrambled to find a way home but learned a painful reality encountered by hundreds of Israeli-Americans visiting their homeland this past weekend: The Biden administration for days has offered no evacuation help to its citizens in harm’s way inside the borders of one of the United States’ most trusted allies.

“We called our embassy there. We called, you know, our government,” he said in an interview to air Thursday on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “When I called them, they were very cold. They were dismissive. And they basically told me go online and check out the flights yourself.”

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Thank God for Trump.

Friedman told Just the News he and his wife eventually hitched a flight home to America, not by any assistance of the Biden administration but ironically, on a United Arab Emirates flight made possible by the Trump administration’s Abraham Accords that opened free travel between Arab neighbors and Israel.

Baraka said that there was plenty of precedent to suggest that the United States would comply with Hamas’ demands. “The U.S. conducts prisoner swaps. Only recently, it did one with Iran. Why wouldn’t it conduct a prisoner swap with us?” Baraka asked.

Sept 11, 2001 and Sept 11, 2023 have something in common. The former represents the day Arab terrorists bombed America. The latter day represents the day Joe Biden bombed America and the rest of the world.

Why would the Biden administration choose Sept. 11, 2023 to cut the unbelievably idiotic deal with Iran that transferred $6 billion to the number on sponsor of terrorism in the world?

I contend that Iran knows the dirt on the Biden family. There is certainly no sane reason to make such a deal.

Let’s hope we get rid of Biden before something much more serious puts Americans in harm’s way. And in answering the question of how long had Hamas planned to attack Israel. Estimates are two years.

They certainly wouldn’t have tried this under President Trump. I’m growing even more confident that America will want to restore sanity and decency in the White House.

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