Leftists Ditch the American Dream for Plan B

Once upon a time in America, one of the necessary components to complete a family’s own ‘American dream’ was for their children to attend and graduate from a good college.

Parents blindly trusted that the college/University experience was necessary to continue where they left off.

Tragically, those hallowed halls for higher learning have become little more than indoctrination centers that seek to warp and control young minds, rather than guide, prepare and instruct. Given those guidelines, it is little wonder that a horrific new addition has become standard at colleges all over the nation- and beyond.

A little more than a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 50-year-old Roe v Wade ruling, declaring it unconstitutional and putting the decision back in the hands of the states. Within days, Democratic leaders embarked on a drastic mission to bolster abortion practices. While most conservatives chose to abide by the landmark ruling, leftists refused to budge, finding a much more surreptitious approach.

Consider this article from The Hill:

“Since last November, a library at the University of Washington has featured a different kind of vending machine, one that’s become more popular on campuses around the country since the U.S. Supreme Court ended constitutional protections for abortion last year. It’s stocked with ibuprofen, pregnancy tests and the morning-after pill.

With some states enacting abortion bans and others enshrining protections and expanding access to birth control, the machines are part of a push on college campuses to ensure emergency contraceptives are cheap, discreet and widely available.

There are now 39 universities in 17 states with emergency contraceptive vending machines, and at least 20 more considering them, according to the American Society for Emergency Contraception. Some, such as the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, are in states where abortion is largely banned. Over-the-counter purchase of Plan B and generic forms is legal in all 50 states.”

After Roe v. Wade, more college students want contraception vending machines  on campus
Image credit: The Boston Globe

The article goes on to say that in 2023, Washington became the first U.S. state to set aside money ($200,000 to fund $10,000 grants that colleges can obtain next year through an application process) to expand access to emergency contraceptives at public universities and technical colleges through the automatic dispensers.
These machines offer boxes of generic Plan B for $12.60, about a quarter of what the name-brand versions sell for in stores, and more than 640 have been sold.

The Price We Pay

If that weren’t enough, a Tik Tok user/nursing student offers an alternative plan to ensure that murder may cost your soul- but it costs you little to no money. According to msn.com: “In a viral video with over 2 million likes, TikTok user Emmes (@emmesvo) explained how those who need the pill can get it for free or at a highly discounted price.

“Plan B is free at Planned Parenthood,” the woman said.

She also added that a wholesaler carries the contraception for much cheaper than regular retailers.
“It’s only $6 at Costco,” she said.

The healthcare worker thought it was necessary to share the tip after she saw a young couple at a local store struggling to purchase the item.

“Because, you know, the regular one is $50, and I felt really bad ’cause they’re young,” she said.

In the comments section, many viewers thanked Emmes for her contraceptive PSA. “Thank you so much for this,” one user said. “I wish there were more ppl like you.”

While many see this as a simple solution to an unwanted pregnancy situation, they fail to see the inherent danger in having unfettered access to such a dangerous drug. Any medication without supervision or prescription can be dangerous. However, such free-wheel accessibility has far-reaching and catastrophic implications. Such access in the military prompted a friend and former veteran to state that, “they were popping them like Chiclets;” without question, these new and easier ways to get hold of these, “morning-after-pills” or MAP’s pose a potential nation-wide health risk rarely seen in medication misuse.

Collateral Damage

A recent article from the Population Research Institute entitled, “The Dangers of the Morning-After Pill- Taking Plan B Too Much,” cites multiple dangers in the casual attitudes concerning repeatedly taking this pill:

Despite subsequent WHO studies which described routine post-coital contraception as “unsuitable primarily because of the high incidence of cycle disturbances,” efforts to approve and market MAP globally continued. Today, these efforts have washed up on our shores, in the form of Women’s Capital Corporation/Barr Laboratories’ application to the FDA to approve MAP for over-the-counter distribution. Women’s Capital Corporation is the manufacturer of the Plan B morning-after pill.

As the evidence shows, these efforts are motivated by ideology and profit, not by concern for the health and well-being of women.

Even the notorious abortion promoter, David A Grimes, MD, who was a presenter for Plan B’s manufacturer before the FDA advisory committee in December 2003, acknowledged in a 2002 interview that MAP use has a serious negative effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle: “Repeated use of EC wreaks havoc on a woman’s cycle,” Grimes said, “so the resulting menstrual chaos acts as a powerful deterrent to using this method too often.” In fact, the menstrual chaos Grimes warns about does not deter women from repeated and routine use of MAP, as studies have shown. But MAP-induced menstrual irregularities do make it hard for women to determine whether or not they are pregnant or experiencing delayed menses.

At home and abroad, the abortion, family planning, and population control groups which seek to promote MAP ignore the scientifically proven risks of levonorgestrel (the sole active ingredient of Plan B MAP). These well-documented adverse side effects include significant weight gain (on average 15 pounds), depression, ovarian cyst enlargement, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, respiratory disorders, increased risk of ectopic pregnancy and death. In some women, these serious adverse effects of levonorgestrel-type MAP could lead to further health risks for bulimia, anorexia, or clinical depression.”

Ignoring the Facts

Regardless, the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception offered that “Medical and behavioral research conducted to date does not provide any basis for limiting the number of times that women use ECPs [emergency contraceptive pills], in a year or in a month… Women should use ECPs as often as needed.”

No evidence was provided to back up this outlandish. politically motivated, assertion. Clearly, this is a game of “trust the science” when they can manipulate the narrative and “ignore the science” when they can’t. Meanwhile,  not only are the babies dying- many of the mothers are suffering and dying as well.

What these death-mongering organizations, race-baiters and media outlets seek to do is lull Americans into blissful ignorance while singing them to sleep with lullabies of zero culpability or guilt. No matter what you may think concerning the striking down of Roe v Wade, this battle for our most vulnerable rages on. Through this drug and its ease of access at nearly any age, the battle clearly is not over. If they are merchandising abortion through vending machines, giving it away at Planned Parenthood or selling it cheaply at Costco, it’s time to look around. Have leftists pushed these machines past colleges? Are they headed for high schools? Junior high schools? Where do we draw the line and demand academia return to educating our children instead of poisoning them.

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