New Acting Republican Speaker Evicts Nancy Pelosi

It may only be symbolic, but I love this action by acting Speaker Patrick McHenry. He kicked former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the curb.

According to Politico, McHenry told Pelosi to vacate her cozy hideaway office or else.

After Democrats were defeated in the 2022 mid-term, Pelosi kept her cushy digs. Apparently McCarthy didn’t have the balls to tell her to scoot. McHenry emailed Pelosi,  notifying her that she needed to get out or the office will be rekeyed.

As one of his first acts as the acting speaker, Rep. Patrick McHenry ordered former Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vacate her Capitol hideaway office by Wednesday, according to an email sent to her office viewed by POLITICO.

“Please vacate the space tomorrow, the room will be re-keyed,” wrote a top aide on the Republican-controlled House Administration Committee. The room was being reassigned by the acting speaker “for speaker office use,” the email said.

I’m not saying McHenry should remain speaker. But this act alone puts him at the top of my list.

The fact that McHenry is a close ally of McCarthy makes me take pause. And some say that this move against Pelosi is retaliation for her lack of support in keeping McCarthy in power.

According to McCarthy, as part of the passage of the recent 45-day clean continuing resolution, Pelosi had promised to not support Gaetz if a motion to vacate was filed. And in typical Leftist fashion, the former Democrat Speaker stabbed now former Republican Speaker in the back. Adding even more irony, Pelosi encouraged her caucus not to save McCarthy. The outcome was inevitable. Ultimately Democrats joined with a small group of Republicans to end McCarthy’s tenure.

What a great lesson for Republicans. Partner with Democrats and you will get back-stabbed.


After losing her office, Pelosi was not happy.

The former speaker blasted the eviction in a statement as “a sharp departure from tradition,” adding that she had given former Speaker Dennis Hastert “a significantly larger suite of offices for as long as he wished” during her tenure.

The Speaker being voted out represented a “sharp departure from tradition”, too.

If the Republicans are smart (yeah, I know…), they will heed the lesson here. There is no compromising with the terrorists who represent the Democratic Party. Most are evil to the core, and they will pursue their demonic agenda with the fervor of ten Satans.

Who Is Rep. Patrick McHenry: Interim House Speaker After McCarthy's Ouster

Kudos to McHenry for sending a small shockwave through the Democratic Party elites. I suggest he film Pelosi’s departure from her office, and banishment to some small basement closet. Send a real sign to Democrats that MAGA represents the true Republican Party.

The MAGA part of the Republican Party harkens back to the days when Republicans who fought to end slavery were called Radical Republicans. This group has a proud history in this country, and that spirit lives in MAGA Republicans.



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