Plea Deals: Trump will get the last laugh

Former President Trump has a knack for driving Democrats to destruction. And he’s done it again.

Democrats rejoice in getting people associated with Trump to take plea deals. Admittedly, I’m confounded as to how in the hell can you take a plea when your argument is Democrats (and RINOs) cheated former President Trump out of his rightful second term?

I know with certainty that’s what occurred. Trump got cheated. Democrats know this, because they orchestrated the coup. And only the most braindead would believe otherwise.

So, I guarantee you I wouldn’t plead to anything except that truth. Still, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis fell victim to the Leftist narrative. As CNN wrote:

Two stalwart allies of former President Donald Trump flipped against him this week, a staggering turn of events that could now pose a grave threat to his ability to fend off criminal charges related to his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The rapid-fire developments are a massive boost for prosecutors in Fulton County, Georgia, and the separate but overlapping federal case against Trump that was filed by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith.

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A massive boost? What do their pleas have to do with Trump?

The idea here is that Trump couldn’t possibly believe Democrats stole the election. Thus, Trump’s stance is a farce meant to get others to believe a lie. Nice try, Lefties.

Let me remind you of a few people who took pleas for various reasons.

General Mike Flynn, for example. Tricked by the FBI. Eventually vindicated. George Papadopoulos got a slap on the wrist for being in Trump’s orbit, albeit a minor role. Carter Page was targeted, and eventually the DOJ ended up with mud on its face.

Next, the DOJ targeted Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. As I’ve said about Cohen in the past, if anybody should be able to sink you besides your trophy wife, it’s your back-stabbing attorney. The irony? The attorney ended up in prison, not Trump.

If your attorney has no dirt on you, then there’s none to have.

Regardless, the point is that Democrats can play eenie meenie miney mo with anybody associated with Trump and it won’t matter. Americans know that Jack Smith is a partisan hack, and one of the dirtiest and least effective Leftists in the country. He has nothing on Trump. So Smith must create an idea of Trump’s guilt; by association.

To accomplish that, he needs a freak show. Smith and his team are willing to extort anybody around Trump to further this mission.

Trump represents the biggest fear for Leftists in a generation. A man with the ability to upset the system. Further, every day Trump inches closer back to the Oval Office, as people simply watch the Democrats.

In their desperation, Democrats have helped Trump shore up almost every special interest group in America.

This BLM leader awakened from “woke” and supports Trump.

When commenting about the Democratic Party, Fisher excoriated them. He even called Democrats racists.

“It’s a racist party with racist policies that negatively impact black families.“

“Black people are stuck on that plantation, mentally. They’re slaves in their own minds because they refuse to see the big picture and how we’ve been used and abused by the Democratic Party with policies that are absolutely antithetical to what black people yearn for in this country, which is life, liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and a family to raise.”

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Trump: the clear leader

Poll numbers indicate that Trump will win the Republican nomination. I saw the Real Clear Politics numbers and Trump leads by a minimum of 40 points. His popularity is astounding, sitting on average at 58.8 percent. Those are Herculean numbers by any standards.

Sadly for Democrats, Biden’s poll numbers are dismal. And they won’t get any better. Because as I like to remind Leftists, Joe Biden is out.

No matter who Democrats replace Biden with, Trump will prevail. He can’t be stopped at the polls, no matter how many plea deals the Democrats coerce.




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