Hunter Biden Going Down and taking The Big Guy

As Tommy DeVito (played by Joe Pesci) said to Henry Hill (played by Ray Liotta) in Goodfellas, “I wonder sometimes about you, Henry. You may fold under questioning!”

In the case of Hunter Biden, perhaps “crack under pressure” fits best?

And the pressure will be on Hunter Biden, the DOJ, and “Hunter’s uncle’s brother”.

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Representative James Comer explained that Hunter Biden will be subpoenaed.

“Now we have the bank records, we want to bring him in. Not only do we know their crimes, we know their cover-ups. We have mountains of evidence and now we’re ready!”

“Now we’re ready.” Those are the key words.

For those of us wondering what took so long, we should get our answer. Due diligence.

And what a treasure trove of information they must have; particularly when you understand that much of it came from Hunter Biden himself.

But Hunter only hinted at what was to come. Comer spells it out.

I could have issued a subpoena weeks ago, but we didn’t have the bank records. Now we have the bank records.

Comer explains that the Democrats wanted him to jump the gun. Issue subpoenas without records, so they could say, “They don’t have any evidence!” But Comer and team didn’t bite. And what did they uncover?

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Comer continued and explained the type of evidence they now possess.

No one knew when we started this investigation there were 20 shell companies….that now 10 Bidens who have received money from the influence peddling scheme. No one knew that these shell companies had dozens and dozens of bank accounts in each shell company…about that $200,000 wire from the health care company to Jim Biden that went to Joe Biden.

We now know that Joe Biden benefitted. And that’s because we continue to receive bank documents. We have subpoenaed, I think we’ve issued 10 subpoenas pertaining to bank documents and pertaining to the Biden investigation.

And you think ok we want to subpoena Joe Biden’s bank accounts, and lo and behold he’s got a bunch of bank accounts, Hunter Biden dozens and dozens of accounts for each shell company.


We’re able to trace the money now. Now we can bring the Bidens in, and ask them specific questions, not just hearsay.


Now we have evidence. We have built the case. You now, no one is disputing the case that the Bidens were influence peddling. What the Democrats and the media is trying to say is they were influence peddling, but Joe didn’t know anything about it.

We know that Joe met every one of these people, including the health care deal in Florida that they swindled out of $600,000. He’s met every one of these people with either his son or his brother and we can chase the money.

What an explosive interview! And you have to believe the Republicans have all the Bidens by the short hairs.

I can only imagine what preparation Democrats are making with Hunter Biden? He’s going to finishing school to get manners. And of course he being told what to say and of course what not to say.

In this preview of an interview to be broadcast on “CBS Sunday Morning” April 4, Hunter Biden found himself at the center of an election-year firestorm. The media actually accused the Trump team of stirring up this controversy.

Hunter Biden commented to Tracy Smith that he does not know whether he was the victim of theft, hacking, or a Russian intelligence plot.

An interesting side note: CBS had over 1.8 million people on their YouTube channel. This absolutely sensational story got less than 72,000 views. Consider how significant the news was for the time. Then imagine how many views it would have gotten had this been Trump’s son versus Biden’s.

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Back to Hunter cracking

Biden knew with certainty that was his laptop. And according to records, so did the FBI. But they withheld that information from their bosses: the American people.

Hunter Biden answered the way he had been coached to answer. And Biden was coached, because a lot of people depend on him to stick to the narrative. They pray that Biden will keep it together when he’s finally forced to testify before Congress. I predict he will fold like cheap lawn furniture.

Like I’ve been saying for some time, the Biden Era ended months ago. Sadly, America should have never needed to endure it.






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