The Racist Lesson of the White Ms Zimbabwe

Racism you won't hear Leftists talking about

Where is the American Left at this blatant show of racism. And this racism occurs in an African country.

The irony of real and obvious racism in Africa being swept under the rug. Yet, daily the United State is ridiculously accused of being a racist country.

America may very well be the most heterogenous country on the planet. But screaming Leftists dismiss our heterogenic country, as well as the homogeneity of some of the world most racist countries. Understand that the most racist countries tend to be non-white.

So when white women Brooke Bruk-Jackson won Ms. Universe Zimbabwe, one would think the world would celebrate. Aren’t we all building for a colorblind society? Apparently not in Africa.

When Bruk-Jackson won Ms. Zimbabwe, all hell broke loose. But before we get to that, let’s recall what happened in America when the very lovely and talented Ms. Vanessa Williams won Ms. America.

The year was 1983. Thus, over 4 decades ago. Interestingly, the pre-Obama America embraced the idea of a black Ms. America. And the only controversy occurred when it was discovered that Williams had nude pictures floating around.

Now some people might blame Williams’ fall from grace as some white-person sponsored Right-wing conspiracy. Except that would bring us to the second Ms. America who happened to be black as well. In fact, Williams’ replacement was blacker than Williams.

So-called racist America had two black Ms. Americas and hardly a complaint. But when Zimbabwe got their light-skinned black Ms. Zimbabwe, they freaked.

Here’s how Eurweb reported the story:

*The Miss Universe Zimbabwe competition made a spectacular return for the first time in 22 years on Saturday, and a white woman was crowned the winner.

After her controversial victory, 21-year-old Zimbabwe native Brooke Bruk-Jackson responded on Instagram, writing, “My heart is full of joy and gratitude.”

“Thank you to each and every one of you for your kind messages and support,” she added. “GOD IS GOOD!!!”

Bruk-Jackson, who is apparently biracial, continued, “I have gained this crown for our beautiful country, to love and to serve our people, to represent Zimbabwe Internationally and to show the world the uniqueness of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans.”

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While Bruk-Jackson’s heart may have been filled with joy, her compatriots in Zimbabwe and other African countries felt differently. The prevailing (racist) sentiment was outrage.

The article continues,

Meanwhile, her win sparked outrage across social media because she is a white woman representing an African nation. The runner-ups were Black women. As American Insider reports, White people make up around 2% of Zimbabwe’s population.

“My ancestors rolling in they graves!!!!” one social media user said of Bruk-Jackson’s win.

The iconic black magazine, Essence tweeted:

“All those beautiful melanted women, and you telling me the European woman won a contest for Black people!!??,” said a user on X (formally known as Twitter).

Can you imagine the fallout if Vogue or Cosmo had tweeted something similar when Vanessa Williams won Ms. America?

Still more vitriolic social media comments:

“If you understand the world, you’ll understand how the system runs! That’s not MY PICK, that’s not MY MISS ZIMBABWE. Leave me the fawk alone with the stupid s**t. IDGAF,” commented another outraged person on social media.

“I’m not supporting this at all and I’m not here to argue with any mf black people should learn to love and respect themselves stop sending a white girl to represent Zimbabwe,” Natasja Sibanda posted on Instagram.

“[W]e are not white isn’t enough seeing them whites coming from their continent have you ever seen Germany, India Thailand or China sending Black girls to represent them stop being fools…”.

As I’ve said often, no Leftist ever demands the “whitening” of Africa.

All this blatant racism and hardly a chirp from the easily-offended, ever vigilant Left. It would appear that the Left only cares about racism in so-called “white” countries.

What countries have actually evolved? America has multi-national Ms. Americas. Nobody would be surprised to see a black Ms. Sweden or Ms. UK. But let a white woman win in an African country and all hell breaks loose.

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