The Squad May be OUT in the Next Election Cycle

Democrats should have disbanded “The Squad” early on. But they allowed a big-mouthed bartender to gain a political foothold, despite her abject ignorance.

So the cute, big-breasted neophyte gained prominence with her predominantly Twitter bot audience; and a complicit media intent on promoting nonsensical actors. Her rise in stature allowed her to recruit other misfits who rival those in the Biden administration.

Her group of white-hating, man-hating, Jew-hating, Conservative-hating, America-hating idiots now roam America Earth looking for places to plant their idiotic ideas. But their seeds can find no purchase.

Now Democrats find themselves under fire for the Squads (and others’) anti-Semitism; the irony being how long their anti-Semitism went unchecked.

As Jazz Shaw of Hot Air pointed out, this anti-Semitism has backfired on The Squad.

Among the loudest and proudest of the pro-Hamas caucus has been “squad” member Cori Bush of Missouri. She has been presumed to be in a safe seat, but now a leading Democratic Senate candidate in her state has dropped out of that race and announced a primary bid against Bush. And Democrats in other states are already being encouraged to do the same to the rest of the anti-Israel members. (AP)

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Most members of Congress have stood firmly behind Israel since the Hamas attack last month, but not Cori Bush. The Missouri Democrat called Israel’s response a “war crime” and an “ethnic cleansing campaign,” and was among the few House members who opposed a resolution supporting Israel.

Her unwavering stance has angered some in her district. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell on Monday dropped a U.S. Senate bid to challenge Bush in next year’s 1st District Democratic primary, and moderate Democrats believe he could win.

Primary challenger. No matter what, no politicians wants a challenger.

Challenges cause lots of time and money to be spent. From my perspective, all Democrats should be challenged. Because their ideas need to be challenged. They must be made to defend their positions.

In this case, I dare them to defend anti-Semitism.

As the article suggests, Cori Bush won’t be the only Leftist politician who will be challenged.

Bush isn’t alone. She’s among a small group of Democrats viewed by critics as insufficiently supportive of Israel — both long before and now after Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel — or insufficiently critical of Hamas. Across those districts, moderates like Bell are being encouraged to run. In particular, Summer Lee in Pennsylvania, Jamaal Bowman in New York, Ilhan Omar in Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib in Michigan probably will face challengers.

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Anti-Semitism is now a political hot button.

Shaw explained,

If you had asked me only six months ago what the main issues driving the 2024 elections would be, I would have listed the economy, the border crisis, inflation, and crime rates, probably in that order. I didn’t see this cycle revolving around foreign policy. But October 7 clearly changed the political landscape significantly. Those other issues will still be drivers, but the spread of antisemitism in the country has rightly been a bridge too far for some, particularly in the Democrats’ primary picture.

Addressing anti-Semitism is long overdue. Democrats pridefully express their anti-Semitism and support for anti-Semites for decades. It’s only now after deadly Hamas attack that the issue hit front and center.

Other anti-Semite Democrats being challenged

In Pennsylvania, Summer Lee, another big Hamas cheerleader, had already drawn a primary challenge from Bhavini Patel prior to October 7. But now Patel is already getting a closer look and attracting some funding from pro-Israel Democrats. New York representative (and infamous fire alarm puller) Jamaal Bowman recently learned that Westchester County Executive George Latimer might jump into the primary. Latimer hasn’t filed paperwork yet, but it sounds like he’s close.

Pennsylvania, New York? Is that all? Not by a long shot.

Last year, Ilhan Omar barely squeaked past Democrat Don Samuels, who ran against her support for defunding the police. Samuels may be back again as a supporter of Israel and potentially could perform even better. In Michigan last year, Rashida Tlaib proved to be bulletproof in the Democratic primary, but this year she is facing calls for pro-Israel groups to more strongly fund one of her challengers. The opposition doesn’t seem to have coalesced around a single challenger yet, but there is still plenty of time before the primary so it could still happen.

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I’ve argued that Republicans have no better chance of destroying Democrats than now. While The Squad is at risk, so is the Democratic Party.

Democrats support terrorists, both foreign and domestic. They are chaos agents, who profit when things go bad. That’s why Democrats wreak havoc; as job security.

Although pro-Israel sentiment rules the day, don’t count out the pro-Hamas terrorist supporters known as Democrats. They won’t give up. And they will get the support of the media, and ultimately the Biden administration.


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