BREAKING: Biden business partner rips of the elderly

If the Department of Justice did its job, Joe Biden would have never been president. If the DOJ does its job, Joe Biden would be removed from the presidency.

As we consider all we know about the Biden crime family, stop for a second to consider all we don’t know.

In breaking news, we learn from Miranda Devine of the New York Post the following:

Breaking: James Biden’s business partner, Michael Lewitt, pulled money belonging to elderly Americans from an investment fund and “transmitted it to Americore, which turned around and paid James Biden. James Biden on the same day cut a check to Joe Biden for the exact same amount as James Biden received from Americore.” Per @GOPoversight transcribed Interview with Carol Fox, U.S. Trustee for Americore’s Chapter 11 proceedings.

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I’ve commented many times that the Bidens deal with nefarious characters in their multi-national business dealings. But they do share one other commonality: many of the companies go bankrupt after doing business with the Bidens. And this is even when the Biden’s deliver as they did with Burisma.

Yet Burisma ultimately went bankrupt. The same is true of CEFC. Americans can rejoice in these failures, as the Bidens attempted to sell critical infrastructure to foreign entities.

As for Americore, the Bidens sold what they always sell: influence.

Carol Fox, an Americore Chapter 11 trustee, told the House Oversight Committee on Monday that the now-bankrupt healthcare company previously provided a $600,000 loan to James Biden. The made the loan pursuant to James Biden delivering on the promise to get them funding from a Middle East investor. In this case, Joe Biden was unable to make that happen, despite getting paid.

Now the coverup.

On March 1, 2018, after Americore wired a $200,000 loan to James and Sara Biden’s personal bank account, James Biden sent a payment of the same amount to Joe Biden for an alleged loan repayment. No matter how the media tries to spin this, the money was Joe Biden’s payment for services to be rendered.

As you consider what Fox did to pressure the Biden, understand how that judge ultimately kicked Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal off the table and into public scrutiny.

Fox smelled a rat. So she previously filed a lawsuit against James Biden claiming he made representations that his last name, ‘Biden,’ could ‘open doors’. He promised that using his name and ultimately implying the influence of his brother, he would secure a large investment from the Middle East.

The suit alleged and we know for a fact that Americore sent $600,000 to James and Sara Biden’s personal bank accounts in total. The suit demanded James Biden repay Americore the full amount. They ultimately settled for $350,000.

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The tricky “loan” part

Fox told the committee in a transcribed interview that she saw no records or documentation of the loan from Americore to James Biden and that the company instead chose to provide a loan with no documentation based on the promise that James Biden could bring in funding from the Middle East, a person familiar with the committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings told National Review.

Who does this? With Sarbanes-Oxley and other corporate governance, who makes $600,000 loans with no documentation? I don’t care what a person promises, there should be and would be paper trail documenting the relationship of the two parties.

Fox speculated that the money James Biden ultimately paid to his brother could have come from two possible sources:

  1. Predatory loans
  2. Or senior citizens’ money fraudulently invested by James Biden’s business partner, Michael Lewitt.

That “decent” Biden family

The man who claims to have brought decency to the White House allowed his crackhead, whoremongering son to solicit illegal business, and his brother ripped of the elderly.

In September, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against Lewitt and his investment advisory firm, Third Friday Management. I contend that if James Biden weren’t Joe Biden’s brother, he would still be knee-deep in all of this.

The complaint claims misrepresentations and omissions regarding a change in the investment strategy of the Third Friday Total Return Fund, L.P. The company’s sudden strategy pivot “without disclosing to investors, many of whom were elderly, that it had begun making loans to a distressed (now bankrupt) company that acquired and operated struggling rural hospitals.”

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Their strategy reeked of desperation. And when you are desperate, the Biden stand ready to serve…you up.

In referencing James Biden’s part in the “ill-advised loan”, Fox said she had not seen the $200,000 check from James Biden to Joe Biden until her transcribed interview on Monday. She offered that in her experience, she would try to claw back amounts from a subsequent transferee depending on the dollar amount. She said she considers $200,000 to be a significant sum of money.

In other words, Fox would have gone after this money had she known about it. I’m sure that’s something Joe Biden really wanted to avoid. Giving back his “loan repayment” would have put a pretty good dent in his finances.

I’m sure much more awaits America, as we learn more about the First Family. You can bet that Democrat making crazy bank work late hours to figure out how to get this fat genie back in the bottle.

I’ve already predicted where Joe Biden ends up. He’s unelectable, just as he was in 2020; only worse. Joe Biden is out, and these situations only hasten his departure. Leftists loath having to say, “President Trump” again soon.


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