Black Chicagoans Devastated by this Biden-Era Loss

What an embarrassing development in Chicago for Mr. “You ain’t Black”. How will Black Chicagoans cope?

Things must be bad in Chicago when this 100-year-old franchise decides to abandon one of its key customer bases. However, when crime is as bad as it is in the Windy City, no business can survive.

Following the wave of location closings in bad neighborhoods in Democrat-controlled cities all over the country, a KFC franchisee called it quits in three South Side Chicago locations with no warning, according to news sources.

Things were going so badly for the franchise owner, that he scuttled the outlet located in Chatham, which had been “undergoing renovations for months”. He simply boarded up the building.

Such actions are not unique, a month prior to the “gone too soon” KFC outlet, the Cinema Chatham shut down; again, without warning.

When I lived in St. Louis in one of the roughest areas of the city, I frequented a Popeye’s Chicken franchise each Monday because of a BOGO sale on an 8-piece meal. I visited like clockwork for over a year. One day I went to the outlet, and it was closed for business. No signs, no nothing. Just no cars or activity.

I went back the following two Mondays and finally figured out that the owner just tucked tail and run. No warning. I suspect he took all his restaurant gear out the back door and left the store for the vagrants, drug dealers and prostitutes in the area.

Going to that Popeye’s franchise took either guts or desperation.

As for the Chicago KFC situation, Sixth Ward Alderman William Hall said,

“A closed business is not only a sore eye, but it’s a gateway for violence because when you see abandonment, it looks as if there is no love, no hope in the community.”

“There was no communication,” he added. “I saw what the residents saw, disappointed just the same way they are.”

Why are businesses closing in Black neighborhoods?

A commenter on the Fox 32 story conveyed, “What’s killing business on the south side of Chicago is no one feels safe anymore. I frequented both the 35th and 75th Street locations, and the food was great. But I’d never go after dark. There’s a whole different feel to those streets when the sun goes down.”

I can attest to this personally using my own kids.

One of our sons wanted to take his girlfriend to Lee’s Chicken in the same area as the Popeye’s. It was getting dark, so we warned against it. But he felt like it would be ok, so they walked to the restaurant.

About 15 minutes later my wife got a call from him. I didn’t even wait to hear the discussion, and instead jumped in my car making the 3-minute drive in less than a minute.

When I got to the store, my son and his girlfriend were sitting in a booth and a Black man was menacing them.

They saw men, and I calmly said to them, “Go to the car.” I then looked at the man in a way that he hadn’t been looked at in a while, and his eyes veered to the ground like a good beta male”. Point made. I wasn’t there to play.

In the video below, this Black woman explains the mass vanishings of retail stores in her neighborhood in Oakland.

Tim Young documents other business closings in Oakland. But I remind you, these business closures are happening all over the country:

If I have any sympathy, it’s for the business owners. They tried.

They bought into the idea of serving an “underserved” community, and they stepped up only to get shot down. Promises by politicians, even inducements.

Poverty Zones or other cute names for these communities that really means “high crime”, thus the likelihood of failure. What amount of money can the government give you, if you are robbed repeatedly and the perpetrators are never arrested. How long would any business last.

But there can be humor in tragedy.



Some folks, like Twitter/X user Jay here, had fun with the bad news. “I went to that same KFC,” he posted. “When I got my order I walked out and I was chased by these two guys with red hats and they were yelling ‘This is MAGA country’ in a Jamaican accent… no wonder why it’s shut down.”

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