BREAKING: DeSantis Drops Out of Presidential Race

What does this mean for Republicans?

Six days later than I mentioned on my radio show, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has dropped out of the 2024 Presidential Race.

Minutes ago, he suspended his campaign. He posted a video on X saying he could not ask his campaign staffers to give their time “without a clear path to victory.”

“It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary want to give Donald Trump another chance,” DeSantis said.

He added that he had signed a pledge to support the eventual nominee. And he knows who that will be.

What choice did he have? None. His demise was a foregone conclusion.

Trump walloped DeSantis and Haley, and things weren’t going to improve for DeSantis in New Hampshire or elsewhere. His departure is sure to impact the New Hampshire primary, though I suspect most of his supporters will follow Trump.

DeSantis bet on a big finish in Iowa against Trump, spending lots of cash and time. In the end, he was barely able to maintain his lead over Haley.

This move could save his career

DeSantis will continue to be a stellar governor. And Florida needs him, But he can elevate his status as a potential future president by backing Trump.

I’ve spoken and written on the subject, and I said that whoever dropped out first and truly endorsed Trump would be his VP pick. Vivek Ramaswamy must have read my article. But DeSantis could put himself in the running if he were to follow Ramaswamy’s playbook.

The RINO establishment would certainly love it.

I wrote about the VP candidates and removed all the people who have run or are still running futilely against Trump, save Ramaswamy. The number one quality Trump will look for in a VP is loyalty. And after Pence, who can blame him.

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The departure of DeSantis changes little with Trump’s eventual nomination to represent the GOP. But it signals much more in the political landscape.

The GOP establishment threw everything at Trump. And apparently they no longer think the court cases will get him, or DeSantis would have stayed. Trump showed the RINO contingent that no matter what they do or how much they spend, they won’t defeat him.

The trail of bodies is impressive. Trump’s former VP, traitor Mike Pence. Senator Tim Scott, Governor Chris Christie, and many more to come including Nikki Haley. I predict she drops out in less than two weeks.

Many of the people who backed DeSantis now must try to position themselves with Trump. I expect his fundraising to go up considerably. DeSantis is said to have spent over $150 million.

Trump getting rid of these so-called contenders early bodes well for him. More money for the general election. Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his challengers will spend a lot more.

Trump asked for the GOP to coalesce and back him. He will soon get his wish.


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