Trump Fuels More Speculation about his VP Pick

I love that Trump can generate suspense with almost anything he does. And his choice in a VP proves that.

I’ve been asked on multiple interviews my thoughts on who Trump will pick for a VP. Even knowing that I might get the question, I still have no real answer.

I know who it won’t be.

Nikki Haley blew her chance, as has Ron DeSantis. Trump responded to the question during his town hall.

Former President Trump on Wednesday suggested he knows who’s in the running as his vice presidential pick should he win the GOP nomination.

Trump attended a Fox News town hall in Iowa, where anchor Martha MacCallum asked who would be in contention to join him on the Republican ticket.

“Well I can’t tell you that really. I mean, I know who it’s going to be,” Trump said.

Asked if he’d be willing to consider any of the people who ran against him in the primary, Trump indicated he would.

“I’ve already started to like Christie better,” Trump quipped, referencing former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dropping out of the primary race earlier in the day while criticizing fellow candidate Nikki Haley in the process.

Gotta love Trump’s sense of humor about Christie. But let’s look at the VP situation.

Joe Biden is stuck with Kamala Harris, though he likely wants out of that relationship. Harris is a campaign nightmare. In addition, they have to run a real campaign this time, for whatever period Joe Biden lasts. Frankly, I stand by my prediction that Biden is out.

But if the Biden-Harris ticket survives the primary, it won’t survive the actual election. Trump will get his rightful second term.

Even when Democrats jettison Biden, Harris won’t get the nod for 2024. It will be a rich, white, man. Leftist feminists and #MeToo hags who will pretend to be mad, but they will embrace their new young savior.

Trump will mock them all. And with good reason.

Trump’s former VP Pence bowed out early; a testament to his viability. Does anybody miss Pence? Where does he rate on the Political or Other Relevance Chart?

Pence will not be missed in the least. President Trump remade Pence’s career; a career that wouldn’t have been more than a footnote in American history otherwise.

But Pence did Trump a favor. He reminded Americans that Trump doesn’t need a stabilizing partner to win. Trump could run without a VP and still win. But he will pick somebody, and who will it be.


Vivek Ramaswamy

Ramaswamy ran his presidential election as Trump’s potential VP. He always deferred to Trump and never bashed him. Ramaswamy played the game most excellently. He got high public approval. Then bowed out. I said many times on my radio show that if DeSantis or Haley bowed out, saying that Trump was the best choice, either one could have become Trump’s VP.

As for his VP bona fides, loyalty reigns supreme. Ramaswamy showed that. He also learned a lot while campaigning. And one thing that will serve Ramaswamy well is he spoke truth is all his interviews.

While he needs to credentialize his foreign policy positions, he has offered ideas similar to Trumps.

Other plusses: he’s young, Indian, a successful entrepreneur, and very smart. Ramaswamy is the future of the Republican Party, and he could use an inside peek at how things work to round him out.

I know people will disagree about Ramaswamy as VP. But remember: Trump doesn’t need a VP. So why not give it to somebody who has made a real dent in politics, and punish the ingrates at the same time.

Kari Lake

Since it really doesn’t matter who Trump chooses, he could consider Kari Lake.

For many, a Lake pick is reminiscent of McCain-Palin. But it would be far different.

I know Kari personally and she is as media savvy as they come. Her lack of political experience is her only downfall, but then again Trump had no political experience at all. What a message it would send for Trump to bring Lake up to the top of the ticket and leapfrog all those RINOs in the process?

Lake has made herself a national figure while getting cheated out of the governor’s race in Arizona. Unlike Sarah Palin who faded, Lake knows how to maintain staying power.

Kari’s pursuit of the Senate job in Arizona presents a problem for her, as she will need to make up her mind how she wants to enter the political arena.

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Kristi Noem

Another woman who should be considered and who has the political experience is South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. I met her while pheasant hunting in her state. If you are one to concern yourself with checking boxes, Noem offers quite a few.

She a woman, not that this matters to the Left. But it could have influence with Independents. Frankly, Trump is doing with with women in general, as most put safety as a priority. With the border invasion and threats of more wars under Biden, they feel anything but safe. Still, adding a woman to the ticket won’t hurt Trump necessarily.

Noem is young. At 52, she would add some youth to the ticket.

Loyalty will be tantamount for Trump’s next VP pick, and Noem showcases that regularly for the former top executive. She’s been highly vocal and critical of the witch hunts of Trump and the Left’s attempts to disqualify him from ballots under the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

A former congresswoman, Noem is also a staunch conservative who has passed anti-abortion and pro-gun rights legislation.

No doubt Noem would accept such a nomination.

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla.

Donalds, 45, is widely considered a rising star in the Republican Party and is one of five Black Republicans in Congress. In terms of a nomination that would shake up the world, this is it. Although Donald is a conservative, putting a young black man in this spot would send shockwaves through the political establishment, much more than Biden adding Kamala Harris to his ticket.

Black voters, particularly men would take note. And the fake news narrative of Trump being racist would come to a screeching halt.

Donalds checks the biggest box for Trump as he endorsed Trump in April, backing him over the governor from his home state, DeSantis. For Trump, this show of loyalty is huge.

Asked in a November interview on SiriusXM whether he’d join the Trump ticket if asked, Donalds said: “Yeah, I would because I want to do everything possible to help get our country on track.”

There are other contenders out there, and Trump will inevitably surprise us all.

But as I said earlier, Trump’s VP pick doesn’t matter much to him politically. He will win regardless. But the right pick could certainly make the path a little easier.




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