Joe Biden – Stand-up Comedian

Joe Biden should try stand-up. Because his press conference are hysterical.

Biden is more funny than any of the late-night comedy hacks. In his latest performance, Biden regaled the exploits of his uncle.

Biden implied that his Uncle Bosie was a pilot who got shot down over the Pacific while flying a mission. Worse, Biden implied that cannibals ate the man. As the comedic Biden would say to something so ridiculous, “No joke.”

Biden blatantly lied about his uncle being eaten by cannibals. An obvious lie. If his plane were shot down over the Pacific, then did the cannibals swim out to get him? Unless those cannibals looked grey and had dorsal fins, I’m not buying Biden’s version of this story.

I wrote recently of Biden’s obvious lies:

First and as Joe mentioned, Uncle Bosie was a “hell of an athlete”. That’s certainly germane to the story, right?

Second, Biden reminds America of just how old he is as he details the exploits of Uncle (sic) Bosie, wait for it: flying a single-engine aircraft relic over a war zone.

And he became an Army Air Corps before the Air Force came on. He flew those single engine planes as reconnaissance over war zones.

Third, as with most of Biden’s demented utterances, the story gets better.

He got shot down in New Guinea. And uh they never found the body because there used to be or a lot of cannibals for real in that part of New Guinea. And uh.

As it turns out, Uncle Bosie was not a pilot at all. Uncle Bosie was a member of the ground crew.

So those reconnaissance exploits Biden alluded to were all lies. The man never flew single-engine planes over war zones. He probably couldn’t fly a model plane. Still, the media came to the rescue of the hapless Biden, as AP and others downplayed Biden’s comments as misstatements.

Joe Biden press secretary was asked about Biden’s insane and fraudulent comments in a press gaggle aboard Air Force One:

Note that the first reporter notes that KJP has a “cannibal” tab in her briefing book, so you know this topic had been widely discussed among Biden’s Affirmative Action team:

Partial Transcript:

Look, you saw the President.  He was incredibly proud of his uncle’s service in uniform.  You saw him at the war memorial.  It was incredibly emotional and important to him.

You saw him respond to all of you when asked about the moment, yesterday, and his uncle who lost his life when the military aircraft he was on crashed in the Pacific after taking off near in New Guinea. The President highlighted his uncle’s story as he made the case for honoring our sacred commitment to — to equip those we send to war and to take care of them and their families when they come home.

And as he reiterated that the last thing American veterans are are “suckers” or “losers,” and he wanted to make that clear. He wanted to make —

A reporter interrupts asking, “By embellishing the story?”

KJP responded, “I don’t have anything beyond — but what I just laid out.”

Biden did what Biden does. Lie.

Joe Biden had no reason to lie in paying homage to the victims of war. But he can’t help himself. No matter the situation, Biden will make it about him. And he loves using family to do so.

How about this funny story?

Biden’s wife ran her car into the path of an 18-wheeler in order to kill herself and her children. That’s how much she wanted out of the marriage and for Joe Biden to not father her offspring. Biden turned that into his tragedy, and built his Senate career on the lie that the trucker was a drunk driver who mowed over his family.

Then Biden used his kids to further his career. He projected the image of a doting father, while showering with his daughter and subjecting Beau and Hunter to who knows what. The only evidence that remains can be seen in the lives of the surviving children. Grown-ups still living jacked up lives at the behest of their father.

Look at the people around Biden, including his narcissistic wife and freak show of so-called friends. Idiot friends and co-workers.

Honestly, if I had Biden’s life, I’d make up a new one as well.

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