Arizona Supreme Court Spanks Democrats and Helps Trump

Democrats lost a major battle on election integrity in Arizona, but in a real twist of irony, the Democrats actually ended up helping Donald Trump.

Republicans challenged the results of the Arizona elections, as Democrats did everything they could to prevent the truth from coming out. So Republicans sued.

The GOP tried to establish a new audit of a sampling of ballots. They wanted this to test the veracity of the voting machines, since many believed these machines were intentionally altered or hacked. But then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) argued that the legal action was a “delay tactic” to undermine the certification of the election results. She would have done anything to certify an illegal election, as that would allow her to become the governor of Arizona.

A lower court ruled that the GOP “made no serious pre-filing effort to determine the validity of the claims”. Also, the judge declared that Republicans never named Hobbs as the defendant in the suit, and instead made its claims against county election officials.

When Republicans lost, the Leftist judge sanctioned Republican and directed Republicans to pay court costs. In essence, Democrats weaponized the court to intimidate Republicans (or anybody else) from ever questioning the voting system. The ruling was a clear intimidation factor by Democrats.

The Arizona Supreme Court recognized the Democrats plot and reversed the lower court ruling.

The court ruled unanimously to overrule the trial court’s $27,000 in sanctions and Secretary of State office attorney fees.

“During times of social and political contention and strife, we must be mindful that our courts provide a means of resolving such conflicts when issues are legitimately presented,” Justice John Lopex wrote in the decision. “Even if done inadvertently and with the best of intentions, such sanctions present a real and present danger to the rule of law.”

The Arizona Republican Party rejoiced in the court’s rightful decision to reverse the sanctions. The group said in a statement that the ruling “reaffirms the fundamental legal principle that raising questions about the interpretation and application of election laws is a legitimate use of the judicial system, not a groundless or bad faith action.”

We certainly need to discourage frivolous lawsuits, because Democrats sue for sport. However, Republicans waged the lawsuit for all the right reasons.

Democrats know that Katie Hobbs didn’t win the election fairly. To add insult to the defeat, Democrats used the tactic of stacking the judiciary, then penalizing the innocent side to stop Republicans from getting to the truth behind the 2020 elections.

The Democrats forced the Republicans to sue, and used the delay to ensure that they had their ducks in a row. They made sure that any recount would validate the fraudulent results of the Arizona elections.

According to the Associated Press,

The hand-count counted ballots cast at centers open to all county voters, not precincts. The examination and post-election tests found that the voting machines were 100 percent accurate.

In 2021, a judge in Maricopa County ruled that the party’s lawsuit was “groundless”. The judge then ordered the GOP to pay more than $18,000 in legal fees. An appeals court rejected the party’s attempt to undo the judge’s ruling in 2023. But the Arizona Supreme Court saw differently.

The state Supreme Court wrote in its decision that it was not overturning the dismissal of the case, but instead found that the lower courts should not have said the case was groundless.

The Arizona GOP’s claim was “not groundless and arguably was made in good faith,” the ruling said.

How does this help Trump?

The Arizona Supreme Court gave the ruling that Trump will get on most of the 91 ridiculous indictments. Trump has been accused of not believing the results of the 2020 election. Of course he doesn’t. And under this ruling, the Arizona Supreme Court validates Trump’s position. If he believes he was cheated, he has every right to pursue the truth, and should not be penalized.

Trump won’t need the help of the AZ Supreme Court. He’s getting enough help from Team Biden.

We learned recently that Jack Smith tampered with evidence. Further, the Biden administration worked in conjunction with the DNC to send reinforcements to Alvin Bragg.

Not a single case against Trump will stand, post-election. And hopefully the real justice will be jailing and fining the real criminals in these cases: the Leftist prosecutors and judges.



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