Trump Fundraising Website Crashes after Sham Verdict

Team Biden needed a lift, and they got it by setting up Trump in the kangaroo court. Then they immediately began fundraising.

Biden’s campaign sent out a message, that many Americans know they prepared weeks in advance of the eventual outcome of the sham trial with Judge Merchan. But they released the kraken, because while Biden may get paltry donations, Trump is about to blow the doors off fundraising.

As The Independent reported,

Donald Trump’s historic conviction in his New York hush money case on Thursday may put the former president in prison, but it hasn’t slowed done the enthusiam for his campaign.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, the official GOP fundraising site connected to his 2024 effort crashed.

“The American people see through Crooked Joe Biden’s rigged show trial,” the campaign wrote on X. “So many Americans were moved to donate to President Trump’s campaign that the WinRed pages went down. We are working on getting the website back online as quickly as possible.”

Major Trump supporters said they were not detered by the conviction; in fact, they appeared energised by it.

“All of the charges are contrived,” Robert Bigelow, who has given over $9m to an outside group supporting Trump, told Reuters.

Within minutes of Trump being convicted, his campaign sent out a fundraising email claiming the former president was a “political prisoner.”

Democrats took Trump from martyr to sainthood. As Elon Musk tweeted, [pp] “A guilty verdict ensures Trump’s second term”.

I couldn’t agree with Musk more.

While a litany of Republicans express disgust at the verdict, the backlash from Democrats and Independents will be brutal.

Democrats celebrating this “win” should enjoy the victory as the Mexicans did the Alamo. Because the next war decimated the banditos who took out Davey Crockett, et al. The wave that is coming for the Democrats next won’t be stop by Wuflu or Dominion. It’s a red tsunami and it will wipe out all Leftists like a biblical plague.

How much money will Trump raise? Mega millions. But far worse for Democrats is the earned media Trump got. And I speak for many black men who have felt marginalized by the justice system, as I contend Trump just got even more of the Black vote.

In fact, just issue Trump his “Official Black Man” card, and expect the likes of Snoop to throw the man a party at the strip club.

At this moment, Trump is blowing the Democrats, Judge Merchan, the DOJ, and that feckless jury a big wet kiss. Honestly he didn’t need the help. But as the saying goes, “If your enemy is digging himself a hole, don’t stop him.”


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