Trump's Masterful Debate Demands

Ever the showman, Donald Trump figured out how to put Biden and the Democrats on tilt.

First, Trump forced Joe Biden to agree to a debate everybody knows Biden doesn’t want.

Consider that presidential debates are a foregone conclusion. Yet Joe Biden wanted no part of a debate for obvious reasons: he’s a moron with a track record that makes Jimmy Carter look like a gladiator.

Put simply: would you want to debate if you were Joe Biden? A pathological lying, brain-dead moron must face the man who made America great again!

Against all odds, Trump forced Biden to debate or be perceived as the chicken Biden is.

But Trump’s goading of Biden didn’t end with just accepting the debate. Trump questions Biden’s pre-debate routine.


Following this year’s State of the Union address, many analysts questioned whether or not President Biden had been doped up before he took the stage.

Biden was angry and showed all the signs of a man on a stimulant.

Not that Trump cares, yesterday he demanded that Joe Biden be drug tested prior to the debate. Worse for Biden, Trump demanded that the results be released to the public.

Donald Trump demanded on Friday that Joe Biden be drug tested ahead of the two presidential debates both candidates have agreed to participate in.

The former president cited the incumbent’s State of the Union address in March in his call for drug testing, alleging that Biden was “high as a kite” when he delivered the speech.

“I just want to debate this guy, but you know – and I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way,” Trump told Republicans during a speech at a GOP dinner in St. Paul, Minn.

Trump knows that Biden is “juicing” before public appearances.

Now, if Biden ignores the requests, the public will believe (rightly) that Biden can’t function without a doping regime that makes Lance Armstrong’s look like a vegan.

Biden’s problems are bad enough without the public perception that he needs to be doped to function. But that’s the case.

Special Counsel Hur exposed Biden as a feeble dolt, unworthy of prosecution for his classified documents crimes due to lack of brain function. Now Trump calls Biden out! LOVE IT!

So while Biden can (and will) refuse to be tested, Trump will get his pound of Biden flesh in the media. Don’t be surprised if Trump posts his bloodwork publicly, turning the tide on Leftists who demanded Trump’s taxes.

“Why won’t Joe Biden post his bloodwork?!”, Trump could demand in the media.

“They wanted my taxes and got embarrassed. And I posted by bloodwork, and it was amazing…the best bloodwork ever; much better than Biden’s,” I can hear Trump declaring.

You can bet if Biden agrees to a blood test or a piss test, he would ask his wife Jill to provide the samples. Lord knows he’d better not ask Hunter!

Debate outcome

America knows the outcome of these debates. All Democrats can hope for is that Biden doesn’t screw the pooch so badly the party can’t recover.

Not that Trump needs the help, but these debates will seal the deal for him. Joe Biden will not win these debates. And that is based on what we know now. What’s coming will end Biden, and likely puncture the Democrats so badly, they won’t recover for multiple election cycles.

Hunter Biden is back in the news with his gun charge. But “the big guy” is back in the news as well, since new bank accounts have surfaced linking Joe Biden to Hunter’s businesses.

Next, Joe Biden is broke.

According to reports, Biden owes over $800,000. Sure, he has a few million in assets, but cash poor.

Amazingly, the man who generated millions as a VP can’t sell books anymore. This fact raises questions about whether Joe Biden could ever sell enough books to raise millions, as he did for at least two tax years.

Could it be that Joe Biden’s “book deals” were really just fronts for the money paid to him by Hunter Biden?

Needless to say, Trump will have plenty of material for the debates.



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