Another Crooked Black Leftist Female Politician

Holy Mother of Maxine Waters, what is it with Black Democrat women? They have the ugliest demeanors and they are political crooks.

Black Leftists women are the worst politicians; some might argue, the worst human beings.

In our latest example, check out this other crooked Black Democrat woman who finds herself under investigation.

Henyard didn’t want to answer the question on camera.

And what an ego?

“I am the dream!”

Who knew that when Reverend King uttered those iconic words, he was preordaining Tiffany Henyard?

“I am the leader!”

The person chosen to represent the people. The person trusted to lead, but not necessarily the leader.

She will soon get a wakeup call, and wish she was dreaming:

As Fox News reported,

Just hours after reports that embattled Democratic Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard was under investigation by the FBI, multiple local businesses were said to be raided by local police.

On Tuesday, FOX 32 reported that six individuals have spoken to the FBI about Henyard’s conduct, including business owners, a former village employee and one or more public officials. One complained of difficulties renewing his business license, claiming to suffer from harassment, a raid on his business and being shut down by Dolton police. The U-Haul rental and trucking business owner believed it was retaliation after he refused to donate to a civic event sponsored by Henyard.

FOX 32 reported Wednesday that multiple bars in the town were raided by police the day after the news team visited the businesses amid allegations their licenses were being held up for political reasons. The raids reportedly occurred mere hours after FOX 32’s report about the alleged FBI investigation into Henyard’s conduct was released.

“Someone seen you go in there. And then two hours after your story aired, the police are at both of these establishments,” said Tammie Brown, a Dolton trustee, told FOX 32.

Wonder why Black men and many others gravitate to Trump? Because they see the comparisons.

When these vindictive Affirmative Action undeserving women get power, they wield it like test monkeys on hallucinogenic drugs.

While Letitia James has no victim in her persecution of Trump, examine the victims of Henyard. Business men. Men who refused bow to her authority Businessmen who would not donate to her campaign or support her “charity” events. Further, in one case the businessman had the audacity to serve food to people Henyard considered her rivals.

And in case you missed it, the victims of Henyard were not only men, but all black men. What you witnessed is black on black political crime.

But there were other similarities to the other black Democrat women who target men.

As with Fani Willis, Henyard used funds for trips and even hired her own personal security personnel. Any chance the persons she hired will somehow be directly involved with Henyard? Either a personal friend or family member?

Henyard bragged about giving away a million dollars as if she were giving away her money. She promised other people’s money to a small handful.

How did the Democrats miss Henyard in their plot against Trump?

The only thing missing from Henyard’s grift is Donald Trump. But if Democrats had known what Henyard is capable of against Black people, you can bet they would have figured out a way for her to get in on the action of targeting Trump.

Thankfully, Henyard’s days of wine and roses ends soon. Power-hungry idiots like Henyard should never be allowed to hold public office. But more importantly, Black voters need to stop electing the most ignorant and corrupt people to supposedly represent them. For the Black community to change will require a culture change. No more slimy politicians who have but one goal: to enrich themselves.



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