Biden's Sell-Out Military

4-Star Admiral Pay-to-Play Scandal

When your Commander-in-Chief is a crook, why not get in on the action. And that’s what this admiral did. If only Admiral Robert Burke had been Robert Biden?

Admiral Robert Burke achieved the highest rank in the United States Navy. And he retired in 2022 during Biden’s tenure after serving 39 years in the Navy.

Like VP Biden, Burke made a decent living. He earned $187,000 during his tenure with the Navy, and his retirement pay would have been 87 percent of his base pay, or $163,000.

Add in his other perks and the fact that he could likely land a nice post-Navy gig, and you realize that Burke’s not hurting. But also like Joe Biden, Burke saw that more could be had.

Consider what a drug-addicted Navy dropout accomplished, and extrapolate what a 4-star admiral could accomplish. Why not shoot for more?

On May 31of this year, Burke, along with two co-conspirators, were arrested in a bribery scheme.

In 2021, Burke commanded Naval operations in Europe, Russia, and most of Africa. That summer, Burke met in Washington DC with two principals of a company called Jump Start. The company provided a workforce training pilot program to a “small component” of the Navy between August 2018 and July 2019. After 2019, the contract was terminated.

Interestingly, Jump Start employees were specifically told by the Navy that the company had to stop all communication with Admiral Burke. Was the Navy on to Burke?

Co-CEOs of Jump Start , Meghan Messenger and “Charlie” Kim disregarded this directive and continued to communicate with Burke. In fact, they met with Burke in July of 2021 and, according to the Department of Justice:

At the meeting, the charged defendants allegedly agreed that Burke would use his position as a Navy Admiral to steer a sole-source contract to [Jump Start] in exchange for future employment at the company. They allegedly further agreed that Burke would use his official position to influence other Navy officers to award another contract to [Jump Start] to train a large portion of the Navy with a value Kim allegedly estimated to be “triple-digit millions.”

Five months after the meeting and while Burke was still in command of Naval Operations overseas, he began implementing the plan. Burke allegedly directed his staff to award Jump Start a $355,000 contract to train Naval personnel in Italy and Spain; a contract that lasted only two months.

In furtherance of the conspiracy, in December 2021, Burke allegedly ordered his staff to award a $355,000 contract to Company A to train personnel under Burke’s command in Italy and Spain. Company A performed the training in January 2022. Thereafter, Burke allegedly promoted Company A in a failed effort to convince a senior Navy Admiral to award another contract to Company A. To conceal the scheme, Burke allegedly made several false and misleading statements to the Navy, including by creating the false appearance that Burke played no role in issuing the contract and falsely implying that Company A’s employment discussions with Burke only began months after the contract was awarded. 

As a former contractor to the government, I can tell you that $355.000 is a rounding error for government contracting. Burke and team were merely testing the waters.

In October 2022, Burke began working at Company A at a yearly starting salary of $500,000 and a grant of 100,000 stock options.

            “As alleged in the indictment, Admiral Burke used his public office and his four-star status for his private gain,” said U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves. “The law does not make exceptions for admirals or CEOs.  Those who pay and receive bribes must be held accountable.  The urgency is at its greatest when, as here, senior government officials and senior executives are allegedly involved in the corruption.”

I don’t condone any ripping off of American taxpayers. But I assure you, there are bigger fish to fry than Burke. Joe Biden, for example.

A 4-star general can get a deal or two for some cronies. But imagine what Biden accomplished as a corrupt VP?

We are only scratching the surface of what the Bidens have done. And now that he’s president, he’s doing everything that he can to cover up his crimes. Meanwhile the DOJ pretends that it cares about corruption in the ranks.

If only Admiral Burke had been a Biden.

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