Sick F*ck Joe Biden

I scoff at the Leftists who claim Joe Biden brought decency to the White House. Joe Biden is one sick f*ck.

I know my words will offend the most pious among us, the sanctimonious “religious Right” that even conservatives have come to despise. These are the people who have the most demons. I am a failed Christ-follower who admits my faults publicly.

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. And contrary to the fakes I’ve met in politics–yes, including many so-called conservatives–I live my truths, even when it hurts me.

I say all this to repeat that Joe Biden is one sick f*ck.

He all but admitted it, when he spoke privately of President Trump. Apparently Biden has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a “sick fuck”. As many as three people have heard Biden speak of Trump in that manner, and he added that Trump delights in others’ misfortunes.

One of the people who spoke of Biden’s private discussion on Trump added that Biden recently said of Trump: “What a f*cking asshole the guy is.”

Rule 1 of Leftism: Democrats tell you who they are by what they say of you.

Consider Trump versus Biden in terms of accomplishments. Trump, a Wharton grad who worked hard to become an American icon. A man who defied all odds to become president of the United States. He has his baggage, but nothing like Biden’s.

As for Biden, a bush league senator dragged from the ash heap of history by one of the worst presidents in history. Biden, a pathological liar who has sold his country on multiple occasions. Up to the point of running his corrupt influence-peddling operation, Joe Biden was a laughing stock, politically and otherwise. And he gleefully accepts being cheated into office.

To quote Biden about himself, “What a f*cking asshole the guy is.”

Democrats are two-faced scumbags for the most part. The part they show you reveals little to nothing of their true character. Or they are simply simpletons, too stupid to realize how destructive and evil their party is.

Biden is no different.

Joe Biden used his power and influence to elevate Hunter above the law, Joe Biden is everything America doesn’t need in a politician, as much as Hunter Biden makes a horrible First Child. Yet, Democrats pretend to want more of both of them. In truth, they don’t. But they can’t admit that publicly, because doing so validates their stupidity.

Joy Reid’s recent “hot mic” moment revealed thoughts about Biden as a warmonger. Trust that she dislikes more about Biden than that. But she fronts on TV, as if she supports Biden, which is more a “hate Trump”, than a “love Biden”. Or even a “like Biden”.

But truth be told, Reid nor most of the other Democrats and Leftists hate Trump. They hate themselves for having to admit that Trump is a far better president than Biden. And yes, they transfer their hatred of themselves to the object that makes them confront that hate. That object is Trump for now. Remember when it was Bush?

Biden is a corrupt man of low character. And Democrats know this. Thus, they elevate his status in hopes that they can counter the reality of Biden. The reality of themselves.

Joe Biden provides a mirror for Leftists. As they gaze upon themselves, they must pretend to like what they see.

Joe Biden provides a great metaphor in that respect. A has-been who really never was. A horrendous politician who in few ways represents the true America. And Biden is a sellout, as are most Leftists. He and they lack principle and cannot be trusted.

Indeed they are sick f*cks. Most of America thinks this about Democrats, but few are willing to say it publicly. Not me. I took the gloves off for Leftists years ago, probably after my hundredth death threat. I learned quickly there was no appeasing the delusional keyboard commandos. So I accepted their challenge. “Let’s fight!”, I declared. And I was serious.

No more mincing words or attempts to placate. You pick a fight with me, don’t pack a lunch. I’m not tapping your fist to begin the fight either. And if you’re waiting for the bell to ring to start the fight, then guess who’s the sucker.

This is WAR, not a fight. I’ve never seen a ring in a street fight. Nor have I seen a referee. Convey that sentiment to Leftists, and they back down. As the wolverine is to the wolf, some fights just aren’t worth it.

On behalf of all true Americans, I say, “Take that, sick f*ck Joe Biden!”


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