Democrats, We Told You Biden is a Moron

I’m boxing up Joe Biden’s post-debate carcass to send to a few Democrats. I’m told it tastes like crow.

Consider all the Biden supporters who now must admit what we already know: Biden is unfit to be president.

The fact that Joe Biden should have never been president was true four years ago when Democrats cheated him into office. But Trump made sure that Democrats have no chance of repeating that crime.

Oh the irony of Democrats having done everything to destroy Trump, and he ends up exposing Joe Biden for the world to see.

No need to rehash the debate, and I’ve already written about it. Now we get to rub our crotches in the faces of the people who covered for Biden. I have no sympathy for these Gestapo Leftist goons who promoted Biden at all costs .We warned them.

They held on to hope that Biden could deliver, all because they hate Trump’s success. You read that right. Democrats don’t hate Trump, they hate his success.

For them to be right, MAGA must be wrong. And MAGA is not wrong. In fact, MAGA defines American excellence. The ability to overcome anything. Including Biden.

We warned Democrats about Biden. For decades. And now we can mock him and them.

The Leftist propagandists tried to convince Americans that Biden performs better behind the scenes. Because we all know that people put their best foot forward in private?

Biden’s performance was a foregone conclusion. And he did what even Democrats expected. This why they set the rules that supposedly favored Biden. They fed him the questions beforehand, despite CNN’s denials otherwise.

No matter what they did to help Biden, one problem remained for Democrats and their Leftist minions: Biden.

Trump’s debate performance while good wasn’t great. But it didn’t have to be. Trump just needed to be Trump. And he was Trump and perhaps slightly better.

Trump actually looked like the fighter who has beaten his opponent so badly, he called the ref over in hopes he will stop the fight. Sadly for Biden, the ref waved it off, and Trump got the knockout.

And now, as we conservatives and ReTrumplicans bathe in Leftist tears, the world exhales. Sanity and safety will return.

But while we wait on the inevitable Trump second term, let’s splash those Leftists tears.

One CNN commenter served up Biden on a platter, and questions who will replace him:

MSNBC did their assessment of the debate. And most notable is Joy Reid’s comment about speaking to many Leftists during and after the debate:

“The universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic…”

Van Jones recommended that Joe Biden get out of the race.


The destruction and ultimate decomposition of Biden has publicly officially begun. Biden either quits or “get quitted”. It will be both interesting and fun for Conservatives to watch how Democrats finally take Biden out.

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