Former Democrat Issues Stern Warning to Biden

Democrats live life with blinders. And it’s out of fear.

To call the Democratic Party a cult is to minimize it. Wicked people who create victims, then never allow them to leave. And Democrats protect their system like mother crocodiles guard their eggs. Fiercely.

Leave the Democratic Party and they attack like killer bees–en masse and relentlessly. That’s why so much credit is given to those who leave the party founded on racism and white elitism.

But that exodus of voters gets easier each year. The two biggest reasons for the mass exodus from the Democrats to other parties are (1) Democrats’ actions and (1) Trump’s success.

Let’s look at their former messiah.

Barack Obama was supposed to bring unity to America and put to bed old ideas of racism. However, he accomplished the opposite, reopening a deep rift in America. Few would argue that nobody has done more in modern times to ruin race relations in America than Obama.

Black Leftists found out that even with the perceived “perfect president”, they got nothing out of it. One would think Black Leftists would be have found some happiness with the country that elected a Black president, but they remain miserable. And I dare anybody to show me marked gains by Blacks, post-Obama. By the end of Obama’s presidency he was less than a footnote in history; in fact, he is a joke. The joke who revived the career of one of the worst politicians ever.

Obama performed great for Obama. And now the Obamas are now worth millions of dollars. All Black Leftists got was Joe Biden; a brain-damaged lunatic who would ultimately become POTUS. And what did Biden do? He performed to task.

Joe Biden has been a trainwreck of epic proportions. Obama and Biden may be responsible for the worst migration from the Democratic Party than anybody in history.

Then came Trump. The man who says what he means and means what he says.

The triple threat successful businessman, entertainer, and politician who against all odds became president. Then, Trump did the unthinkable. He rocked DC with something they rarely experience: success.

Who better to judge the damage of Democrats than a reformed Democrat. So, Tulsi Gabbard summarized the plight of Democrats by stating the obvious. More Americans realize the abject failure of Joe Biden, having experience the worst three years of their existence for many.

They’ve got a pretty big problem because more and more Americans are recognizing what a failure the Biden-Harris administration’s policies are for the American people.

This is not something that’s limited to Republicans, but they’re independents and Democrats who are very frustrated with the most basic things…

There are folks across the country who are… recognizing that this administration has stood for an open border policy that’s made our communities less safe and causing incredible pressure on our country with millions of people illegally entering our country.

Broad spectrum failure for Biden. His insane policies touch everybody, regardless of ethnic background, age, sex, religion, and so on.

In fact, Biden managed to make the invasion of the Southern border an issue for people who never considered the far-reaching ramifications. As one writer put it,

“Joe Biden hasn’t stood for an open border policy; he intentionally created it and has no desire to stop it.”

Gabbard stated what Conservatives say routinely, in this case about safety:

They’re recognizing, as we’re seeing in some of the election results last night at the local and the state level, that the ‘defund the police’ policy of this administration has failed horrifically, recognizing that there are very real consequences to their lives, the safety of their kids, their kids’ opportunity, and that is that has come about as a direct result of the failure of this administration.

Americans don’t feel safe under Biden.

Domestically, crime runs rampant; yet Biden actually used false data to claim crime is down under his watch. But if Biden creates fear domestically, his foreign policy blunders scare Americans even more.

The war in Ukraine he allowed, couple with the terror attack on Israel some believe he funded don’t help his safety record. And who knows what wars lurk, given Biden’s foreign policy incompetence. Iran? Syria?

Next, former Democrat Gabbard contrasted Biden’s failures with the successes of Trump’s presidency:

I think the biggest issues on the minds of Americans today are revealing the contrast between what Biden has done to this country and… where we were as a country under President Trump.

I think a lot of the exit polls show that the foremost issues on people’s minds are the economy and the border… and on both of those issues, there is such ahuge contrast between the record of President Trump and the record of President Biden.

While Gabbard left the Democratic Party a few years back, she brings insights from the Left.

A young, politically savvy former Democrat explaining how her side might be thinking is a warning to Team Biden. Gabbard issued this final warning to Democrats:

I hope [what] people are recognizing is how offensive the Biden-Harris administration’s approach is to the American people, where they can advocate for these policies for the last three-plus years, and now all of a sudden, policies that have made our country worse, not better, made our way of life worse, not better, and now all of a sudden, flip the switch and think we are so stupid to believe the lies that they’re telling us just to get our votes.

Look at the many “man on the street” videos of every day Americans who despise Biden and revere Trump. They won’t be fooled by the rhetoric this time.

Never has there been a bigger contrast between candidates and ideologies. And if this election is fair, Democrats will find out just how sick America is of their lunacy.


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