Biden: for sale to the highest bidder

Joe Biden is for sale. And that’s why the Bidens have no legitimate business deals to help deflect against their impending doom.

The Biden Crime Family “business” involves helping wealthy people. And the wealthy people the Bidens do business with are helped out of jams in one of two ways.

  1. The Bidens get paid to help people like the wife of the Russian oligarch who needed her name removed from the no-fly list.
  2. Or the Bidens help people want to conduct crooked business deals counter to American policy, like Burisma.

Either way, the Bidens willingly “help”; for a fee.

In the most recent display of Biden influence and getting one’s money’s worth, let’s examine Biden’s terror attack on Israel.

As a short recap, understand the irony of this recent shakedown.

Biden funded the terror attack on Israel, giving massive monies to Iran. Iran funded Hamas, who then attacked Israel and killed almost 1500 people. In that vicious attack, Hamas expanded on the terrorist manifesto, taking over 200 hostages, including Americans.

So Biden created the problem he now professes to solve. And in the much ballyhooed hostage release from not that long ago, Biden got dozens of Israeli hostages released. But he only got one American out of harm’s way.

Who was it?

According to Benjamin Weingarten, the hostage was the family member of one of Biden’s paid suitors.

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Why is this story important? It speaks to the behavior of the Bidens.

Moreover, the tricky way that the Bidens attempt to cover their influence in helping big donors. This includes “donors” who purchased Hunter’s “art”.

If you get kidnapped in a foreign country, it would be nice if Biden can send either (1) negotiate for you with taxpayer money, or (2) put special forces in harm’s way to retrieve your crooked ass.¬†And in this case, the Biden financier who laundered money to the big guy through Hunter’s art got what she paid for.

Holy Mother of Britney Griner, if only Britney had only known how to acquire a “Get Out of Russian Jail” free card by calling Hunter. And what of all the other hostages in jails around the world? I guess their families couldn’t come up with the ransom money for the Biden Family Cartel to free them?

Decisions, decisions.

I’d like to know more about these negotiations. One would think that with all the scrutiny by the Feds, the Bidens would be circumspect in their business dealings.

Or perhaps the Bidens still believe they have nothing to fear. They certainly appear to be above the law. So what people put two and two together and figured out the pecking order of hostage release. Frankly, I’d like to see a list of hostages, then pull Federal Election Commission records to see who gets freed next. Oh wait, I would also need to see the financials of the 20 Biden family LLCs, as well as the Bidens’ personal bank records, and tax returns. Ok, forget the tax returns. Those are bogus anyway. But I think you get my point.

Of all the hostages to help first, the fact that the Bidens chose the one of a big donors is bad optics. But when you have a weaponized DOJ and a media who ignores all your faults, then optics don’t matter.

What an investment.

The woman who bought Hunter’s art only wanted access. Little did she know how well her investment in the Bidens would pay off.


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