Mass Exodus of Democrats Coming after Debate

Trump has the most loyal voters of any presidential candidate, likely in history. By contrast, Joe Biden has practically no loyal voters.

A few people who will vote for “Democrats”, but they don’t particularly care if it’s Biden. But Team Biden knows a mass exodus is coming after the debate, despite some hardcore reptilian-brain Democrats pulling the lever for death and destruction. Because Democrat numbers dwindle every day and it’s mostly because of Trump.

Consider the media onslaught and frankly blatant lies the media have told on Trump, yet he continually crushes the Left. But not only has Trump withstood their persecution, he has revealed their sinister plots against humanity, and caused an awakening.

Democrats and other Leftists have few policy bastions these days and have been reduced to slogans, like “the democracy is at stake”. The irony being that Democrats and other Leftists are killing the “democracy”.

Back to the poll

Quinnipiac provided these latest poll numbers.

As President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump prepare to face off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, Trump has a slight lead over Biden 49 – 45 percent in a head-to-head matchup, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll of registered voters released today. This is a small change from Quinnipiac University’s May 22 poll when the race was too close to call with Biden receiving 48 percent support and Trump receiving 47 percent support.

In today’s poll, Republicans (93 – 4 percent) and independents (51 – 41 percent) back Trump, while Democrats (94 – 4 percent) back Biden.

In a six-way hypothetical race that includes other candidates, Trump leads with 43 percent support, Biden receives 37 percent support, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. receives 11 percent support, Green Party candidate Jill Stein receives 2 percent support, independent candidate Cornel West receives 2 percent support, and Libertarian Party candidate Chase Oliver receives 1 percent support.

Frankly, I believe practically none of this poll. Although the poll shows Trump leading, I think Trump is much farther ahead of Biden than this poll indicates.

In a recent primary race where Democrats invested $25 million to keep radical Leftist Jamaal Bowman in place, some polls had the race as a statistical tie. Bowman lost by 20 percent. If any race sets up like Bowman’s, it’s Biden’s.

Forget polls for just a moment, and use good old-fashioned common sense. Do you really believe that Americans want 4 more years of an old, demented, incompetent, and crooked president?

Next, knowing that Biden isn’t really running the country now but the next stooge would be Kamala Harris,  would you want her as your next pretender?

I know America isn’t that stupid.

And despite the propaganda whereby Biden thinks he can convince America that he’s done a good job, Americans aren’t buying it. Take this man for example. He decided to test inflation for himself.

In case you don’t believe Biden is detached, watch this interview on 60 Minutes.

When questioned about inflation, Biden glosses over the question and brags about his fake jobs growth:

How obtuse must Biden be to ignore the realities of his policies? Don’t bother to answer, because Special Counsel Hur gave us the answer before: Biden is too stupid to prosecute.

The Big Switch. According to Quinnipiac,

Thirteen percent of voters supporting Biden, 12 percent of voters supporting Trump, and 32 percent of voters supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. say they are open to the possibility of changing their choice for president based on the debate performances.

This part of the poll reinforces why I consider the poll bullsh*t.

Trump voters know Trump. Because he is the most vetted and most persecuted candidate in history. But Biden has yet to be outed. Thus, there is only the possibility for one show to drop.

While conservatives know Biden took money from his family’s business and is “the big guy”, Leftist hold onto hope that Biden will clear the hurdle of his corruption.

Understand this: nothing new will be revealed about Trump, and he can only improve. However, much will be revealed about Biden, and those revelations will sink him and potentially could sink the Democrats, en masse.

The fallout

Biden is down in almost every demographic, and he will not attract new voters. Inflation impacts all Americans especially older Americans. This is the group Biden supposedly has solidly in his corner. I’m not buying this either.

But let’s deal with the supposed 16 percent of voters willing to make a change due to the outcome of the debate. If you believe this, then again using common sense ask yourself who is most likely to lose these voters? The man who is known, or the man who is about to be found out?


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