Most Powerful Anti-Biden Video to Date

Joe Biden is becoming universally hated. And you can bet that Democrats are scared to death at what happened recently at a protest.

Two opposing groups managed to find common ground in their disdain for Joe Biden. Watch here, as University of Alabama protesters who differ dramatically on issues managed to chant the same thing:

Perhaps Joe Biden is the uniter he’s always claimed to be? Because he managed to get pro-Trump and LGBTQ+ groups to agree to one common theme: “F Joe Biden!”

No wonder Biden desperately woos young students by (unconstitutionally) erasing their tuition debt.

The game with this move is to have Trump rescind the free money, thus transferring blame to Republicans for undoing an illegal act. Clever when you think about it. Except, people aren’t falling for it anymore, as most people resent paying for other people’s debt. Particularly indoctrination debt.

Obviously, the Biden ploy isn’t gaining him any sway with the youth vote, as protests all over America continue against Biden’s policies. Polls with youth continue to provide bad news for Biden. So his policies are seen as a pander, more than real initiatives to help students and ultimately the country.

Whether the students are right or wrong in their protest is immaterial to me in the discussion. The fact that they see Biden as wrong benefits America.

Trump supports Israel.

Why haven’t Democrats even attempted to play this card? Trump has been vocal in his support of Israel. And let’s face it, he kept terrorism at bay for the most part during his tenure.

Biden’s problem? It’s difficult on the Biden administration who purports to support Israel while funding terrorists. And oh the irony that Biden can’t take credit for his support of Hamas and Iran, less he admit to suborning the enemy.

Biden funded Iran who funds Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Iran is the George Soros of funding terror, except they have a deep pockets partner in Joe Biden.

As for the college students, admittedly they are morons. But they represent the enemy of my enemy as it relates to Biden. So I’m actually happy they targeted him, regardless of their warped reasons.

The by-product of the student (terrorist) protests is the attack on academia, as well.

Colleges and universities birthed these idiot ingrates, and raised them to be void of critical-thinking skills. I enjoy seeing Leftists feed off each other, as academia as we know it today begins its death spiral.

I’m tired of funding ignorance and indoctrination. We pay a fortune to train students on how to give up on real dreams and instead get indoctrinated.

Perhaps we finally are getting our money’s worth? Because it appears that Leftist chickens have come home to roost. And they are serving up crow.



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