The Laughable Insanity of the Hunter Biden Case

Consider that one major witness against Hunter Biden is his former girlfriend, wife, and sister-in-law, and you get an idea of how this case will go.

Instead of court, this case should be tried on the set of Jerry Springer. Holy Mother of Debauchery.

Hunter’s sister-in-law-turned-girlfriend-turned-wife might be key in his undoing. However, the prosecution’s top witness is a cyborg: Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Town Hall reported just how much consternation the laptop causes Hunter Biden’s family:

 Day 2 of Hunter Biden’s gun trial was a fever dream.

“Nazi piece of sh*t!” Hunter’s current wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, yelled at former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler in the hallways of the federal courthouse where her husband is facing felony firearm charges.

“You have no right to be here!” she shouted, pointing her finger at Ziegler, who had published parts of Hunter’s infamous “laptop from hell” on his non-profit’s website, Marco Polo. The out-of-court confrontation occurred between breaks, before a celebrity appearance of the laptop itself.

The FBI tried to provide cover for Hunter, first by not reporting even having the device, weeks before the election. After the public discovered that the FBI knew of the laptop computer, the FBI backed the rumor that the laptop’s contents were “Russian misinformation”, knowing that was lie.

Given the sordid contents of the laptop, one can understand why the cabal needed to deflect. The article continues,

Following the computer’s cameo, the prosecution presented pictures (either extracted from his laptop or scraped from his iCloud account) of a half-naked and, at times, fully nude Hunter blown up on the projection screen as trial exhibits. Crack pipes appeared in his hand, and a bong sat in the background.

At the outset of trial testimony, the defense disputed the relevancy of showing the jury Hunter unclothed. Well, it’s because the nudes help prove Hunter’s drug addiction around the time he illegally bought the handgun at the center of the case, the prosecution argued.

The gun charge is the weakest of all things for which Hunter can be charged.

Hunter avoided taxes, and used business funds to hire prostitutes. I can only imagine the other crimes Hunter could be charged with, but hasn’t.

Supposedly the prosecution is focusing on the single issue of the gun charge. Perhaps if we get real justice, the cases against Hunter will pivot back to his tax evasion and other crimes.

As for his gun charge, Hunter claims that he didn’t understand exactly what he agreed to when he signed the screening paperwork. He would have needed to certify that his statements are “true” and “correct.” Finally, Hunter wants Americans to believe that he was lying on this form is a crime.

Hunter, the attorney doesn’t understand basic legal principle? I’m not buying it.

I love this case; because it puts the dual-system of justice in the spotlight.

If Republicans were smart, they would line up minorities who have served time for less crimes that Hunter Biden. Put the court of public opinion to work.

Part of me wants Hunter to be completely exonerated. Just to contrast what happened to Trump in New York City. Hunter certainly has a real advantage, since the case is being tried where the Biden have ruled for decades. Regardless of what I want, consider the outcomes.

If Biden is declared not guilty, that poses a real problem for Democrats. Because he is guilty. If he’s convicted, then what time will he serve, if any. All eyes will be on him either way.

And this case will play out just like it started. The crackhead point man of the crooked family enterprise confronting his former sister-in-law-turned-girlfriend-turned wife. A woman who says Hunter introduced her to crack cocaine.

That folks, is just for starters. But let’s not forget: Hunter Biden is 100 percent guilty.

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