The Stench of the Biden Family Fraud is Back

Lucky for the Bidens, they are Democrats. Because if they were Republicans almost all their children would be in foster care, as the adults would be in prison.

A DOJ protection ring encircles this crime family, as evidence against them is a plain as the nose on one’s face. At least this latest fraud is stateside and doesn’t involve allowing enemies access to critical infrastructure.

So in what should come as no surprise, Joe Biden’s younger brother James has reportedly been the subject of an investigation by the Justice Department. The investigation stems from a larger examination of a hospital chain that is reported to have received “improper” Medicare payments.

Federal investigators in South Florida recently probed transactions linked to Jim Biden as part of a criminal investigation, according to two people familiar with the matter. The investigation remains open, according to one of them.

Meanwhile, Justice Department officials prosecuting an ongoing Medicare fraud case in Pennsylvania were seeking information about the activities of President Joe Biden’s brother as recently as last year, according to a third person familiar with that case. All three were granted anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

The revelations add to the potential legal minefield surrounding the first family at a time when House Republicans are pursuing an impeachment inquiry aimed at the Biden family’s business dealings and Hunter Biden faces federal tax charges in California and gun charges in Delaware.

How much does the DOJ have to finally decide to go after the Bidens. And what does this signal for Joe Biden’s “campaign”?

Before we delve into this further, let’s examine once again how the Biden family’s business matters seem to never yield anything good. Their partners are mostly crooks, and the businesses that ultimately fail anyway. Look at this case.

The hospital chain, Americore has produced on felon who pled guilty to Medicare fraud in Pennsylvania. And this racket stretches into the Biden domain, as at least one transaction described by the anonymous sources and supposedly examined in the investigation involved a $200,000 “loan payment” to Joe Biden.

But a previously unreported lawsuit alleges that the payments Jim Biden received were improper. In a complaint filed in Palm Beach County in 2022, investors in the Third Friday Total Return Fund allege that the money manager in charge of the fund looted millions of dollars from it by making sham loans to Americore, then diverted roughly $600,000 of the embezzled funds to Jim Biden.

Jim Biden transferred $200,000 of the disputed money to Joe Biden in a transaction that he and the White House have said was a loan repayment.

If the DOJ does its job and doesn’t use James Biden as a patsy, I suspect they will have a clear path to big brother, aka the big guy.

Joe Biden maintains (to a lesser degree) that he know nothing about his family’s businesses, yet he made a $200,000 “loan”. No questions asked. I remember when $200,000 was half of Joe Biden’s income. At least until Hunter got (supposedly) clean, and started on his one-man empire-building.

I’m not sure why Republicans are dragging their feet on these cases against the Bidens.

Almost everyone in the family including ex-wives wet their beak on these business dealings. Remind me what Beau (and Hunter) ex and the grandbaby did for the business?

And what of those suspicious activity reports, 20 LLCs and all those wires with a cutout of 10 percent (for the big guy)?

Is there a strategic time to spring the trap on the Democrats. When they are far too pregnant with Joe Biden political campaign and must abort the baby on the birthing table? Perhaps. But the American taxpaying public would love to see some tangible action. If James Biden is to be the scapegoat, then make it so.

Because if one domino falls, I predict so will others. I want to see how the media handles the truth. What will be their excuse for ignoring or in most cases hiding the truth? Hang in there, Americanskys. We will get our answers and convictions soon.

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