Biden's Interesting Attack on Women

America’s men, the real men will be at war with mostly Muslim male invaders soon. The invaders’ attack on women has already been sanctioned by Democrats.

But before we get to what the invaders invited by Biden have done, let’s examine what Team Biden and his Leftists have accomplished with Leftist American men to destroy women.

First, Democrats allow men to be women.

And we see the outcome of this daily; mostly in women’s sports. And while sports highlights that pseudo-men can outperform women, Biden’s team attacks women at their core.

Their “science” that claims trans-men can have babies, and the degradation of women by renaming their body parts, and all things feminine is downright diabolical.

Second, look at how Leftists allow their men to treat women.

Harvey Weinstein operated for decades in the Leftist enclave of Hollywood, abusing women openly and for sport. Barely a whisper about his antics from the Left outside of a small #MeToo blip. For the most part, Weinstein will emerge unscathed, reputation and wealth mostly intact.

Weinstein’s Leftist contemporary befell a different fate, having committed suicide by prison. Nonetheless, prior to his demise, Epstein like Weinstein operated with practical immunity as he sexually assaulted hundreds, perhaps thousands of young girls over decades.

While these two Leftist men represent the scourge of Leftism, and showcase the Left’s destruction of women, the situation has become far more grave.

Biden has allowed millions of fighting age men into America, putting women at peril. And in their zeal to follow the fake news narrative, Leftist women ignore these young very toxically masculine men. But they won’t for long.

Almost daily we get a report of these men raping and/or killing American girls and women. And Democrats seem content to allow these atrocities to happen.

Just last week, an illegal committed such an atrocity.

Armed with a machete, this Biden invitee accosted two young teens, one boy and one girl. Using their shoelaces, he tied them up and forced them into a park in Queens, NYC, where he sexually assaulted the 13-year-old girl, as the horrified boy watched. He took their phones, leaving them unable to call for help, then ordered them not to leave for 20 minutes while he escaped.

Luckily they posted a photo of the man, and he was recognized. A Queens resident recognized the man and made a citizen’s arrest.

The man who committed this heinous crime hails from Ecuador, He entered America illegally in 2021. No stranger to the law, the man has been arrested for crimes that included public drunkenness and turnstile jumping to avoid paying the fee to ride the subway.

Petty crimes lead to bigger crimes. And this latest group of asylum-seekers want more than a new start. They want all that America has to offer, and they are willing to use Leftists ideology to get it. Thus the attack on women.

These are not random attacks

The news media frequently refers to these attacks as “random.” But these attacks happen too frequently to be random. And ironically, they happen where these illegal men from other countries gather. As one person noted,

“How many attacks, murdersrapes, and violent scenes do illegal immigrants have to commit before we can call this nonsense a “pattern”?

Most of these men being allowed by Biden to illegally enter America come from cultures that have no respect for women. It’s as if Democrats want more “toxic masculinity” so they can blame American men for rape culture.

Google #MeToo today, and you get very little on the movement. Consider that only a few years ago, #MeToo proponents blamed everything on the (white) patriarchal society. Today, these feminists are eerily quiet as multi-cultural men from societies that brutalize women flood America’s streets.

All around the world, women and children are being dehumanized by the very same men who now enter America unimpeded. The goal of these mostly Muslim men is simple: impregnate as many women in the “conquered nations”, as they can; by any means necessary.

In the case of this attack on women, Leftists allow this vile group of men to win the war without firing a bullet.

Grooming gangs wreaked havoc in England for over two decades, raping thousands of British women. Eight-five percent of these men are said to be Pakistani Muslims. Cops did nothing, less they be called racist.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world. But I know in America, real men will eventually take things into our own hands. And we will wage holy jihad on men who brutalize American women.

As for Leftist women, they will eventually look to real men as their saviors, and abandon the Left. But does it really take this level of brutality before Leftist women wake up?

Americans have a responsibility to call this attack on women out. Spread the word. And American men should be prepared to act.

I’m seeing more and more videos of men around the world saying enough is enough. These non-Muslim men are finally striking back to protect their culture and their women. Such is the job of man.

Call it “Islamophobia” if you’d like, but soon the world won’t care what you call it. And the people pushing back against it won’t care what they are called. If the Muslim world wants jihad, I suggest they refer to history, because you can push the Christian world too far. Leftism, be damned.



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