.Marco Rubio Dismantled CNN's Dana Bash on Trump

Talk about giving a clinic in how to handle the media with nothing but the truth, Marco Rubio obliged.

In this interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Rubio literally makes Bash eat her Leftist-narrative crow in front of a live audience.

She begins the interview by asking Rubio if Trump would go after the people who have targeted him. All fake news media is asking this question in an attempt to prevent Trump from rightfully going after the co-conspirators who unlawfully prosecuted him. And while many Americans feel that Trump would be justified in vengeance against these traitors, many of who blatantly committed treason in 2020 and beyond, Rubio doesn’t respond in that way.

Rubio calmly explained Trump real agenda based on his response during the debate. Trump’s vengeance will be success and restoring America to greatness. Rubio continued and hammered the Biden administration by saying that a second-term President Trump won’t have time for vengeance. Because he will be busy fixing Biden’s mess from the last 4 years.

And the thing that crushed Bash and all the other lies told by Leftists is Trump’s record.

Democrats and other Leftists talk of Trump as a dictator. They say things like, “When Trump gets into office he will [insert stupid Leftist talking point here]. Why do Democrats seem to forget that Trump has already been in office.

From 2016 to 2020 Trump had the opportunity to [insert stupid Leftist talking point here], and yet he did nothing. Rubio did an amazing job explaining to Bash that Trump didn’t go after any of the people who targeted him in 2016.

Few would argue that Trump could have gone after Hillary Clinton and all her co-conspirators for the Russian collusion lies, but he didn’t. Instead, he spent his time rebuilding the American economy, and restoring America’s place in the world.

And what of the multiple members of the DOJ; specifically the FBI who targeted Trump, which led to the coup of 2020. If anybody deserved to be prosecuted for treason, it’s those FBI members who helped depose Trump.

Bash recognized that she got demolished by Rubio on vengeance. So she shifted her attention to Project 25.

Keep in mind that Project 25 has nothing to do with Donald Trump. It’s a project of the Heritage Foundation, an influential conservative think-tank located in DC. And while the initiative has some great ideas, it has not been endorsed by President Trump or his team.

Bash attempted to tie Trump to Project 25, and positioned the project as some alt-right radical proposal. So when she asked Rubio about the project, it was a clear setup. She wanted Rubio to condemn the Heritage Foundation Rubio and the project leader.

Rubio didn’t take the bait, as he gave the best answer possible: “Is he running for president?”

Nice try at “guilt by association”. But what impressed me is that Rubio shifted back to Trump’s policies, and redefined Trump’s initiatives again like a seasoned pro. Even better, Rubio pivoted back to the Left-wing think-tanks who policies Biden has been implementing for 4 years. Policies that have given us a border invasion, out of control inflation, and so on. Again, a master stroke to pivot Bash’s strategy back onto her and the Democrats.

Impressive Repartee

What I like most about the new version of Rubio is he doesn’t need hand-holding when speaking on behalf of MAGA. Watch his interviews and you can see that he feels MAGA in his soul. As for Trump proteges, Rubio sits atop the list.

He’s politically savvy, young, and seasoned. He’s what a newly-minted Republican Party needs, as they jettison the old guard.

Rubio manhandled Dana Bash, proudly displaying toxic masculinity. And he used the truth as his weapon.


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