No More Debates for Trump

Joe Biden has been exposed. And it was the man who Biden targeted for destruction who sealed Biden’s fate. How poetic.

Trump’s destruction of Biden would make for a great Hollywood story had the winner of this scenario not been Donald J Trump. But is it really Trump’s triumph?

In all honesty, Biden had been exposed long ago. Democrats have known for decades that Biden is as useless as a golf club at a baseball game.

The man has been in politics for half a century and he is known for incompetence, and being a blowhard who lies about everything. The idea of Biden’s latest strategy to paint Trump as a liar makes Biden’s new gambit all the more laughable.

Biden had one year to enjoy being president, because Trump gave him a soft place to land. Trump gave Biden low inflation, lower crime, a thriving economy, a very secure border, to name a few.

In only one year, Biden blew it. He undid Trump’s great work, then implemented 3 years of the Biden plan. The result? A total disaster.

Bidenflation, combined with a border invasion and feckless foreign policy has crippled the country. And that’s why Biden got skunked at the debate.

So what are Trump’s next steps?

While Trump had been winning up to the date of the debate, post-debate he is firmly in the driver’s seat. Biden has no been reduced from senile clown to desperate senile clown.¬†And in his desperation, Biden will screw up at a pace unheralded in modern-day politics.

Playing catchup is not in Biden’s wheelhouse, as he is only effective when the odds have been tipped massively in his favor. That’s not happening anymore.

While Democrats continue trying to recover from the carnage of the debate, the consensus wants Biden to resign. From my vantage point, I see this as the Democrats’ only way to salvage their party, though I hope they allow Biden to hang on.

Regardless of what the Democrats decide, Trump should forge his own path and act as if he’s already president.

Trump hinted at a few things he would do immediately upon re-election, like getting America out of another war. That’s what he did in 2016, when he said he would save Carrier.

Trump should continue telling the American people how he will govern, using specifics and floating other ideas.

He’s already hinted at a tax overhaul, as well as not taxing tips. Great moves that have people talking. On the tips, many people are leaving messages to servers that Trump doesn’t want to tax their tips. This group is grass roots America. And you can bet they are talking about this to their friends.

Next, I suggest Trump not honor the second debate.

Sure, the media spin will be that Trump is afraid of Biden. But all Trump needs to do is refer back to the previous debate.

Trump can rightfully claim that he doesn’t want to embarrass the nation by show Biden in his true light. And he would be legitimate in claiming that.

Trump should say that the nation has seen enough, and the world should see no more. By debating Biden again, it could be a matter of national security.

Bait and switch

By Trump saying he won’t debate Biden, he becomes the power broker. In the end, he should then agree to the debate. But this time, he says they must use HIS rules. And although Trump could ask for Biden to be drug-tested, and the debate should be held in front of a live audience, etc., Trump should require only on thing:

  • Biden must take a cognitive test by a neutral doctor

That’s it. Take the test or the debate is off. And we know he result of this test, as Biden would fail.

Thus, Democrats would have all the ammunition they need to invoke the 25th Amendment, and replace Biden.

Everybody wins, at least until Democrats lose in November.


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