Democrats: Biden’s Career is Over

They warned Republicans not to lower the bar enough for Biden to jump over. I commented on my radio show that the bar could be on the ground and Biden couldn’t shuffle over it.

From the moment Joe Biden straggled on stage, I knew the night would not go well. Then Biden spoke to the moderators, and I wondered if they forgot to give him his Adderall.

His voice was obviously weak, and matched his appearance. Things would go downhill from there.

By contrast, Trump entered like a real champion. A gladiator. No orthopedic tennis shoes, but regular old “mean tweets” himself.

At a couple of points in the debate, Trump looked like a fighter who didn’t want to hit his opponent, and would look at the ref to see if he would stop the fight. Yes, it was that brutal.

Democrats tossed the dice and rolled craps. The Democrat-sponsored Politico reported on the carnage.

“Democrats expressed confusion and concern as they watched the first minutes of the event. One former Biden White House and campaign aide called it ‘terrible,’ adding that they have had to ask themselves over and over ‘What did he just say? This is crazy.””

While Biden only had a couple of moments where his brain went on a total hiatus, most of his comments were old talking points.

Another veteran Democratic operative texted, “Biden seems to have needed a few minutes to warm up. I wonder if the lack of an audience was the right decision. And poor guy needs a tea. Maybe a whiskey.”

An audience wouldn’t have helped Biden. Nor would a whiskey.

Biden looked like an old rudderless ship drifting near shore. All that was left is to be tossed on the jagged rocks, and ultimately end up at the bottom of the ocean.

Matt Walsh tweeted:

That was it. The debate is over. Biden can’t even finish his sentence. Trails off into nonsense. Never seen a presidential candidate freeze like that. A moment that will be remembered forever. And it’s only going to get worse for Biden from here.

According to Politico, that’s a fact. The article continues,

Jay Surdukowski, an attorney and Democratic activist from New Hampshire who co-chaired Martin O’Malley’s 2016 presidential campaign in the state, said, “Biden is toast — calling it now.”

Biden’s rambling answers provided Trump multiple opportunities to jump in with retorts. At one point, after an answer ostensibly on immigration, Trump said, “I don’t know what he said at the end there. I don’t think he knows what he said.”

That was one of Trump’s best line, and there were quite a few. Trump held court, refuting each Biden lie, and pounding Biden with Trump recurring border invasion theme. It worked.

Because the border problem that Biden created affects almost every aspect of society. Trump recognized that and made Biden his whipping post.

Clearly Biden showed his age, his senility, and his immaturity. He kept accusing Trump of being a whiner, which came off very childish. Biden behaved so ridiculously, he lied about his golf handicap twice in five seconds.

Biden is officially a liability to Democrats. And therein lies an opportunity for Democrats to blame Biden and deflect from their party’s faux pas.

Back to that cold

According to sources, the Biden campaign made no mention of Biden’s cold. So speculation is that Biden didn’t have a cold, but was just worn out. Keep in mind that this debate was way past his bedtime. The campaign only mentioned Biden’s voice after he began to answer questions. Certainly if Biden were under the weather they would have appealed for the “sympathy vote”.

I saw a tweet that reported the presidential polling: Trump 65%, Biden 23%. Frankly, I believe this represents the true poll numbers for the two men.


Trump drove home a few points that will be difficult to dismiss. First, Joe Biden is an embarrassment. Second, Biden is not fit for office.

No need to state the obvious; that Biden lies for sport. Nevertheless, towards the end of the debate Trump lowered the boom on Biden regarding social security and the lies Biden had just spewed.

The New York Times reported the battlefield results, and they weren’t gentle.

Thirty minutes into the presidential debate, I’ve heard from three veteran Democratic presidential campaign officials, and all of them had the same reaction to President Biden’s performance: This is a disaster.

There’s that word again. Disaster.

They continued their synopsis

It wasn’t just that Biden wasn’t landing a glove on Donald Trump on the economy, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Covid, taxes, temperament or anything else that was coming up in the questioning. It was Biden’s voice (low and weak) and facial expression (frozen, mouth open, few smirks) with answers that were rambling or vague or ended in confusion.

In other words, Biden performed as honest people predicted. He bombed.

What’s next?

Well, for Biden it’s not good. His political career is thankfully over. I’ve predicted for months this eventuality. And told people to prepare for President Harris. Her reign will be short-lived as they shoe-horn Gavin Newsom in to position him for 2028.

Van Jones warned that Biden needed to knock it out of the park. Post-debate, Jones commented as follows:


Biden should get out now, while he can get the sympathy vote. That could keep him out of prison.

As for Trump, I suggest he get Melania to start picking out new drapes for the White House. And perhaps get that retribution list together.


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