The Republican Plan B to Get Biden

Republicans are either completely stupid or they finally learned how to play the game. But they have lucked into a fantastic scenario.

Up to now Republicans have benefitted from Biden’s and the Democrats’ incompetence. But thankfully Republicans had a lot of other weapons in the tool kit, and hesitated to act.

One tool for example, courtesy of Biden centers around his lie about his tangential involvement with his family’s businesses. Next, he lied about members of his family getting money from foreign countries. Finally, Biden lied about his direct involvement with his family’s businesses.

While most indications are that Biden will finally step down, Republicans have a nuclear missile in their arsenal to force Biden out. The weapon: “the big guy”.

I’m convinced that Republicans have definitive proof that Joe Biden is “the big guy”.

Months ago James Comer connected the dots providing ample evidence of multiple LLCs, bank accounts, suspicious activity reports, even canceled checks by Biden. A few months after Comer claimed to have even more evidence, then we radio silent.

“What else could he possibly need?” is what the public asked. Republicans have Biden dead to rights with only a bookkeeper looking over his finances. With the team of forensic accountants Republicans have at their disposal, undoubtedly they uncovered much more dirt crackhead Hunter tried to hide. And of course we know the easy math of “the big guy’s” take: ten percent.

I’m not accountant, but if Hunter brought in $500,000 and there is a disbursement to some “unknown” entity, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this money went to “the big guy”.

Why haven’t the Republicans acted with the Republican Plan B?

I think at the time of Comer’s last revelation, the strategy was to torpedo Biden. But then things changed in favor of Republicans.

For example, Trump started winning. Big. The more Democrats persecuted Trump, the bigger the war chest. Why kill the golden-haired goose.

If Republicans targeted Biden at any time up to now, it likely would have detracted from the Democrats’ failing “Get Trump” strategy. And with each passing day, Joe Biden and the Democrats dig a deeper hole.

From covid vaccination and deaths to J6, Democrats struggled. The Democrat lies that have been exposed have given credibility to all the so-called conspiracy theories. But then the worst thing that could possibly happen to Democrats happened: Biden debated Trump.

The debate signaled desperation by the Biden camp. They chose an early date, June 27, to give Biden time to shore things up before November.

Biden showed his true self in the debate. Thus, he fathered an unmitigated disaster, and now his head is on the chopping block. To get a waiver from the executioner, Biden gave a few excuses for his bad performance.

  • “I had a cold and wasn’t feeling well”.
  • “I had a hectic travel schedule that wore me out.”

On the second excuse it is said that Biden confided that he almost fell asleep during the debate. Many onlookers have accused Biden of being asleep at the debate, while others said he didn’t even show up.

In light of the reaction from the debate, Republicans likely have chosen to wait on their developed strategy. Why kick Biden when he is in political hospice?

October surprise and the Republican Plan B

I believe Republicans have chosen to table their information on Joe Biden. However, if Biden stays in the race, they will lower the boom on him. In October.

Just how pregnant with Joe Biden will Democrats want to get? Frankly, I think they are ready for an abortion; not of the baby, but of Biden.

I can’t imagine that Democrats don’t know of Biden’s grift and other crooked activities, just as they know of his dementia. If there were any time for Democrats to pile on “Old Joe” and remind him of his crimes, the time is now.

Biden just issued a communique stating that he will not resign and plans on going to end and beating Trump. For me, this proves Biden’s dementia. But that’s his and the Democrats’ problem. For now.

I hope Biden defies the odds and hangs on. And I hope that Republicans are prepared to make his life miserable, as soon as it is practically impossible for Democrats to change candidates. Democrats need to own Joe Biden, dementia and treason.

America needs to know how Democrats protected a demented clown and cheated one of the best presidents in modern history out of his rightful second term.




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