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Kevin Jackson’s humble beginning in radio was hosting a Blog Talk Radio show in early 2009. He described the first few months as laughable, since he knew absolutely nothing about radio. But a man who had worked over 30 years in radio, Big Dave heard the show and said that he loved Kevin’s work, and convinced Kevin that he was made for radio. Was he saying Kevin was unattractive? Of course not.

Big Dave was right, because soon after a Program Director named Joe at WGUL heard Kevin’s show and asked him to take a weekend slot, which he did. Joe said that he knew Kevin wouldn’t be there long. Was he saying Kevin was no good? Au contraire.

In fact, like Big Dave, Joe thought Kevin was made for radio, and he predicted Kevin would be the next big thing. Kevin did the show for a few months and managed to syndicate the show on weekends to KFKA near Denver CO. Kevin was on the air there about two months when he got the call…he was going to the big leagues; he would get paid to do radio!

Kevin is currently self-syndicating, but has “irons in the fire.” He is also building one of the largest digital radio platforms in the country.

You can catch The Kevin Jackson Show here live from 12P – 3P ET Monday through Fridays. And you can look for any topic or segment you might have missed.

If you are interested in having The Kevin Jackson Show on your station, contact [email protected]

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