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FoxholesDuring the Second World War, the phrase “There are no atheists in foxholes” was attributed to a Catholic priest named Father William Cummings. 

President Dwight D. Eisenhower adopted the phrase and used it in a 1954 speech when he said:

“I am delighted that our veterans are sponsoring a movement to increase our awareness of God in our daily lives. In battle, they learned a great truth that there are no atheists in the foxholes.”

But that was then, this is now.

Recently the saying that “There are no atheists in foxholes” was banned from the website of the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in the Chaplain’s Corner after Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes (USAF) made an insensitive blunder.  Reyes dared to have this opinion, and then had the gall to post a devotional article entitled “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave All in World War II.”

Right after Reyes did the unthinkable by posting his commentary, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) filed a complaint, demanding that the devotional be removed from the website immediately. The MRFF also asked that Reyes be disciplined for audaciously implying that atheists are atheists, making nonbelievers feel as though he attempted to “publicly denigrate those without religion.”

Curtsying to the activist group, the Air Force removed the article after receiving the complaint from 42 airmen-atheists who didn’t like being identified as people without faith.  However, removing the essay from the website wasn’t enough for the group, who then stated that “Faith-based hate is hate all the same. Lt. Col. Reyes must be appropriately reprimanded.”

In other words, for the sin of being a Christian, Reyes deserved tar and feathers, pillory stocks, or better yet, a symbolic burning at the stake.

The MRFF maintained that Reyes “defile[d] the dignity of service members by telling them that regardless of their personally held philosophical beliefs they must have faith.”

Eventually, with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom, who filed a Freedom of Information Act request, the censored article was returned to the Chaplin’s Corner and Reyes was exonerated for the crime of expressing his opinion and his faith.

The American military, like American culture, is becoming increasingly nonspiritual.  Activists are furthering secularism and monitoring the religious behaviors of military chaplains and servicemen and women alike. Currently, Bibles are prohibited from being kept in plain sight, Jesus’ name forbidden to be uttered, and Christian military personnel barred from sharing their faith with other soldiers.

The Commander-in-Chief agrees with the persecution of Christians in the military.

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  • Charley Larson

    Our God tells us, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.” Pray for our country. Pray for Barack Obama’s soul. Pray that the Great Light will dawn in the hearts of all people, like Mr. Obama and Mikey Weinstein, who seek to rid the USA of Christianity.

    • CharLiDog

      Why pray? Prayer does nothing. It’s been tested.
      It’s also one of the more arrogant things about theists. Children, tiny kids are starving; but your god has time to listen to and grant your prayers. Oh please. One pair of hands working does more than 10,000 pair praying. Every. Single. Time.
      You are in a barbaric blood sacrifice cult from the bronze and iron ages. Think about it. Every thing you think about satanists is a projection of your cult. Barbaric, ancient rules? Guilty. Sacrificing animals? Guilty. Human sacrifice? Guilty. Cannibalism, drinking blood, rituals? Guilty. Your religion is guilty. Face the truth and wake up.

      • Charley Larson

        The god of this world (satan) has blinded the minds of those who are perishing. As of right now, that is you CharLiDog. So you think dead is dead and this world is all there is? Once you take your last breath it will be too late and then good luck trying to tell God that His people are a cult. I encourage you to repent before it is too late.

        • CharLiDog

          Just to clarify your position, some starving kid in Africa has been mind blinded by satan? Why would you think that? They pray to the same god as you, read the same book, believe just as much as you. Yet you think your god answers your prayer but lets them starve.
          Just how are you defining love? Why would you say your god loves anything but himself?

          • Idaho Bob

            I can’t speak for Charley Larson, so I won’t. Instead I will simply say that your comment is petty and childish. Anyone with even a little bit of understanding (and best guess is you fancy yourself to be that person) knows that when a statement like, “I believe the god of this world (satan) has blinded the minds of those who are perishing” is made, it is in reference to those dying a spiritual death. How are you defining love? Are you doing anything to help that child in Africa? Probably not, but there are numerous Christian ministries that reach out to people all over the world with food, water, and clothing as well as the One True Hope that is in Jesus Christ. What hope do you have for this dying child? Nothing more than he/she is wormfood. Mock Jesus all you want, mock me as well if that makes you feel intellectual superior. It’s alright, I know where my Hope is and what my future holds. Your future is one only of despair if you continue in the direction you are going. The day is coming “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:10:11).

            It doesn’t have to be that way, Jesus died for your sin so that you wouldn’t have to. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

          • Suzanne Miranda
          • Suzanne Miranda

            You know it seems that the people who are hurting the most are the most excited to hear the gospel.

      • Suzanne Miranda

        prayer sure has worked in my life!

        • CharLiDog

          I doubt it. But hey, if it does, try asking for the end to children starving.
          Back to reality. I’ll bet my life prayer doesn’t work. Are you willing to bet the same? I’ll even let you pick the feat. I couldn’t be more fair.
          But you won’t bet, will you? No, because you know as well as I that prayer doesn’t work for sh!t; EVER. You’re just another idiot theist making claims about stuff even you don’t believe. Is it because misery loves company? You’re so lonely you need an imaginary friend, and you’re comforted thinking others do too? How sad and pitiable.

      • Larry Andre

        You are really angry at the God you do not believe in. Hmmm!

        • CharLiDog

          What a stupid argument. I’m as angry at your god as you are at the muslim god. No, there is no god to be mad at. I am mad at you. Please, watch this video. It explains why.

          • Larry Andre

            You desire to tell me what to believe, how to believe and you are forcing your atheism off on to me, by being angry at a God you claim to not believe in.

          • CharLiDog

            I’m not forcing you to do anything, I’m mostly just making fun of you. And your ridiculous assertion works as well as a claim that you’re mad at Thor.
            You have a slave mentality. Therefore, you can’t even comprehend the life of a freeman. In your brain, everyone has a master. What a sad existence.

          • Larry Andre

            That is a two way street, you have constipation of the brain brought on by your anger

          • CharLiDog

            I explained my anger to you. But I’m not here to attack you, I’m here to make fun of you. The score is 120 to 79, and I’m on the high side shouting, “Looo Sserrrr, Looo Sserrr”. It’s been a long game, but it’s just about over. We’ve shut you down. You have no defense against our attacks, and no attacks that can penetrate our defense. Truth is an ultimate weapon, and we own it. Like I said, it will only get worse for the delusional.

          • Larry Andre

            At first you denied your anger, but I persisted, Now you admit your anger. The hubris, narcissism shows that while you point one finger at me you have three pointing back at you. The only person who is delusional perhaps is you, as your anger drives you to be a slave to your emotions. Admit it (as you have about your anger toward God) that you hate Christians and desire to destroy them.

        • CharLiDog

          Try addressing the points in the post. Get a little depth of thought perhaps. Maybe even contribute to the search for truth. Don’t just retreat into your delusion.

          • Larry Andre

            You are certainly a one trick pony, your anger drives you.

          • merkelstrauss

            Are you ok?

      • merkelstrauss

        CharLiDog, if you need help in anyway, please ask, don’t attack religion.

        You have not found God yet. One day you will.

        Calm down.

  • CharLiDog

    Let the superstitions of the past go. It’s become a hindrance to the progress of humanity. No holy book is without flaw, none show revelation, none have more predictive capability than a good scifi writer. There is no reason to think there are any gods, many reasons to think there are not, and your religion is just as ridiculous as any other. It’s time to move on with truth and knowledge.

    • Irish78623

      Just because a religious person’s truth is not your truth doesn’t make it less true. A person having religion does not harm the Atheist. Atheist need to be careful as right are taken away from Christians and people of other faith many of them see this as a great thing, but remember that our rights to openly practice or faith is given to us by the Constitution, Just as your rights to be Atheist are given by the Constitution. Taking away the rights of the Religious to openly practice their faith may very well set a precedence for you to have your rights taken from you some day.

      • CharLiDog

        You mean you have a different truth than I? How does that work?
        And just which rights have you lost so far? Seriously, I’d be interested in hearing all about the persecution you endure. See, you’re not losing rights, you’re losing privilege. Big difference.
        Your having religion does harm me. It harms the entire species. Theists abandon rational thought. Plus, theists always want to tell others how to live. They, of course, get to live how they want to because they are forgiven by their god. It’s all such bullshit.
        We need rational thinkers running things, not people who think prayers or some imaginary character is going to influence reality. We especially need to distrust those in blood sacrifice cults.

        • Irish78623

          My right to openly practice my religion is my right Given to me in the constitution just as it is your right to be a non-believer. You seem to feel that you have been harmed but I’d like you to seriously tell me how. I have good friends who are atheist who have no problem with me being a Christian I don’t try to shove it down their throats or convert them, and they don’t try to convince me that I’m wrong. We respect each other that’s how we get a long. .

          It is people like you with our self important attitude that you know all and you and only you can be right that causes the issues. I have no problem with your choice to be Atheist, why do you have a problem with me being A Christian.

          • CharLiDog

            I have a problem because most of the world is delusional and it is hindering the progress of man. We need to drop the barbaric superstitions from the BRONZE age.
            Harm? There are still xians trying to push creationism in Texas. Gays are still discriminated against. People say the vilest things and want to get away with it by claiming a god tells them to think that way. Taxpayers subsidize religions. The head of the congressional committee on the environment said on the senate floor, “~we don’t need to worry about the environment, god will take care of it for us.” Even god on the money and pledge needs to go.
            The three big religions are barbaric, blood sacrifice cults. The god concept worshiped is a monster, one of the worst in literature. We will continue to point out this fact. We will call theists on their lies and distortions. And since we know the buybull better than most theists, we will educate you on the sections that the pulpits tend to skip. It will only get worse to be delusional because we are pointing and laughing.

          • cHUCK

            There are actually several godless societies in the world, including Russia (the former Soviet Union), communist China, communist North Korea, and communist Cuba… in fact, just about all of the godless societies on earth bear the name “communist” – which, in fact, gives the state Godlike powers. You might be a lot more comfortable living in one of those societies.

            The only “faith” that’s as aggressive as atheism about converting the whole world to its own beliefs is Islam, which isn’t a true religion. Muslims believe it’s their mandate from Allah to take over the whole world and either convert, dominate or kill all non-believers. Atheists of the world: unite to oppose Islam, not Christianity, because it’s Muslims, not Christians, who will hunt you down and lop off their heads if you don’t convert to Islam… which is, truly, a barbaric “faith” of sorts.

            I really wish you well – you have a clearly defined future in a world that’s being gradually “fundamentally transformed” to Islam – embrace Islam or have your head lopped off.

        • Irish78623

          And yes, I have a different truth than you, apparently I believe that the things in this world that can not totally be explained by science and I choose to believe in a Greater power. How does my believing in a Great power harm you? And please don’t use the Crusades as an example that was a long time ago.

    • Larry Andre

      Ok you are an atheist. Why do you care if I have faith, it seems a real atheist would not care nor would they (you) spend any time on the subject.

      • CharLiDog

        Because I actually care about humans. I care that kids are taught the truth. I care that humans advance and progress. I care that theists intrude on other’s rights. I care that people in leadership roles attribute their thoughts to a god telling them how to make decisions. I care because I seek the truth and I fight those that oppose knowledge.
        It will only get worse. We have the constitution and the truth and facts on our side. We are going to correctly frame your cult for what it is. We will call you on your lies and redefined words. You cannot keep the facts from the people anymore. You cannot win.

        • Alexxthegreat

          So, now who is talking bullshit?

        • Homer

          Facts that you are blind?

          • CharLiDog

            Please expound. Your clever comeback says nothing. Why are you people having such a hard time mounting a defense of your barbaric cult?
            Is there an instance where you support the stoning of a child as moral?

          • merkelstrauss

            Who is stoning a kid?

        • Harold

          I don’t think you care about anything but yourself. You just like to hear yourself talk sh##

        • cHUCK

          Now the truth comes out! Atheists want to claim the right to brainwash our kids to be atheists lest Christians be able to pass down their own faith. In other words, having NO faith – which offers no way to salvation is better than having Christian faith – which offers the way to free salvation.

          Being an atheist is very profitable via the many lawsuits filed against Christians, and very powerful because our current pretend president does NOT like Christians and has said so publicly said so.

          Sarcasm aside, atheism is protected by the same 1st Amendment that guarantees us ALL the right to practice our religious beliefs free of persecution. So why persecute Christians? OUR forefathers founded a nation that recognizes faith and protects religious freedom.

          If atheism is, in fact, a religion, atheists have a right to be atheists. So why try to force everyone else to believe the same way?

          I think HYPOCRITE is the proper label to apply here. Your own words convict you.

  • Alexxthegreat

    Well, the truth of the matter is that there REALLY are no atheists in foxholes.
    Perhaps one of our posters would like to test the theory?

    • CharLiDog

      Bullshit. There are plenty. And they’re done staying quiet. I would rather be in a foxhole with an atheist than with someone who thinks there is life after death. Yet another example of a flat out lie by a theist.
      Some of you just don’t understand that we fear your god as much as you fear Thor. How many a-Thor-ists would you say are in foxholes? Trust me, there are plenty of military that don’t believe in your god.

      • Barry W Ledoux

        I’ve learned to never trust anybody who says “Trust me”. That carries about as much weight with me as my faith in God does you.

        • CharLiDog

          Don’t trust me. Just use common sense.

      • Alexxthegreat

        You seem to be a bit overly angry about this issue.
        Why not just leave those of us who believe, to our ‘fantasy’ and we will leave you, to yours.
        One thing is for certain though, my list of people who need prayer has been shortened by one.

        Your out right anger is troubling though…you should see a professional about it…perhaps a minister or someone in the clergy.

      • merkelstrauss

        Have you been in a fox hole?

      • Harold

        You can share one with me but don’t expect me to have YOUR back

  • Idaho Bob

    According to this article, “Currently, Bibles are prohibited from being kept in plain sight, Jesus’ name forbidden to be uttered, and Christian military personnel barred from sharing their faith with other soldiers”. Big deal, so what? “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). This means carrying your bible openly, praising the Name of Jesus, and continuing to remember the great commission, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). This is regardless of current cultural dictates. We serve the King of Kings and not the god of this world!

    • nifongnation

      Exercising our Unalienable Rights.

  • Irish78623

    I don’t understand why any Atheist would have a problem with someone saying that Atheist don’t have Faith (in the biblical sense). I have a good friend who is an Atheist and he says that his belief is that all things on earth can be explained scientifically, and those that can’t it’s only because the scientific explanation or connection has not yet been discovered. He does not believe in (or have faith in) any supreme being. Or maybe I took what this article said wrong, because I don’t understand why “Airmen-Atheist” would have a problem with being identified as people without faith.

  • Larry Andre

    I have come to the conclusion that most people who claim to be atheist are not. As an atheist would not care one way or the other if I believed in God, but it seems that most so called atheists constantly attack the God they claim in whom they do not believe. Why battle against a “non-existent” God, but in reality, I believe these people are actually angry at God and it is hidden behind the veil of atheism.

    • merkelstrauss

      Good point. You are right.

  • knuckledragginrightwingnutjob

    Reading through the comments, I find it interesting that there is one intolerant religious person posting in particular. Ironically he claims to be an atheist…

  • Persuasive

    There is a very interesting personally constructed documentary with many well known interviews incorporated to at least partially explain these situations. Curtis Bowers, AGENDA – Grinding Down America. vimeo.com6374970 .

  • almarat

    This whole anti-GOD effort by the feds is based on the issue of forging an army that has no hesitation if ordered to shoot civilians in a case of civil unrest. A person of faith will question this order, an atheist won’t see any reason to question.

  • Suzanne Miranda
  • merkelstrauss

    Obama, the epitome os an anti christ.

    • colsooonscoorner

      You’ve got that right!

  • Fred_K

    Wait until the atheists actually get in the foxholes.

  • Malcolm

    All I can say is that, “God help America”. What would the founding fathers think? What about “freedom of religion”? Terrible days, I say. This President included.

  • alice

    Do Christians really belong in the military fighting our unjust wars?…and don’t get all crazy on me. I’m with Ron Paul in his idea that we don’t belong “policing” the world when our own country is going to he-double hockeysticks. Perhaps if Christians stopped volunteering for the military, and it was reduced to just the atheists, the government would have to do whatever it does so badly without Christian acceptance. And as for our “safety”, ever heard of prayer?

  • Michael L

    Obama is a closet Muslim who has obvious anti Israel
    and anti christian policies. Just watch him bow in submission
    to every Islamic leader he met. Then he stopped sanctions
    against Iran so they can complete their nuke program and
    attack Israel. Fortunately for Obama, the Iranian missiles will
    not be shot down by our missile defense shield in Europe
    because Obama removed it…because a DEFENSIVE missile shield
    offended our Russian and muslim “friends”


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