NAACP Wants No Accountability for Black Educators

Let a superintendent actually care about educating black kids, and in steps the NAACP to put the “kabosh” on it.

In what can only be called shameful, the NAACP is calling for the firing of Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles who plans to evaluate principals and terminate those who aren’t measuring up.

At a recent press conference, Dallas NAACP members and other community leaders said Miles must go.

Joyce Foreman, president of the Black Coalition to Maximize Education, said she wants proof Miles’ ideas work. Foreman said:

“If anyone can show me and others where Mr. Miles has been successful in his disruptive approach to education, I’m open to listening.

Apparently, measuring principals is a bad idea to the NAACP. Keep in mind that the Superintendent has done nothing, except to say that he wants to MEASURE principals. Should blacks not be measured? The NAACP doesn’t want black principals (or black people) held accountable!

The Latinos disagree. Local LULAC President Rene Martinez said he was backing Miles because the new accountability measures are needed.

 “I’m defending parents and kids,” he said. “I’m not defending people for their jobs.”

Yet again the NAACP shows its disdain for its Republican heritage, and how much is has devolved into an organization of ignorance.

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