Sanford Goes to Sodom

SanfordIn a blow to the Women’s Movement and Leftists everywhere, former governor of South Carolina Mark “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” Sanford is headed back to Congress, after defeating Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a Congressional runoff for now Senator Tim Scott’s old seat.

Sanford, disgraced in an extra-marital affair with an Argentinian bombshell has been demoted, but he’s still in the mix. It’s a step down from the person in charge of a state to being only one of 435, but it’s a demotion Sanford is happy to take, as governors usually run for the Senate or president after their tenure.

Why should a man who seems to be a pretty good guy lose his entire career over what would get a Liberals Democrat Time‘s Man of the Year award?! Perhaps we are ushering in the era of the flawed Republican.

Here is a little secret:  All politicians are flawed.

Sanford’s peccadillo was bad. He said he was hiking, when in fact he was gallivanting in Argentina with a hottie. But it’s not like men (or women) having affairs is something new, especially in politics. Keeping it real, there are many “arranged marriages” in DC; marriages of convenience or political expediency, like the Clintons and the Obamas for goodness sake.

Democrats all but tell you that they are scoundrels, but Republicans spend a lot of energy trying to hide the fact that they are. Flaws are discovered in DC, because there are few secrets in that cesspool. And that’s what makes Republicans easy to extort. They don’t want to lose their careers over mistakes that people make every day. Democrats know this, and they gleefully use this against Republicans.

Get arrested for drugs, and a powerful Congressman will make it go away…for a price. Like to gamble or have the occasional tryst, a powerful person in DC will indulge you…for a price. Don’t want to admit you are a Log Cabin Republican…there is a price.

Ultimately the American public pays the price, as the country becomes more and more liberal.

I don’t know how the new and improved, yet totally flawed Sanford will be in DC. I know that it’s good to have a true executive in DC, somebody who has been in charge of a budget. Let’s hope Sanford now knows how to handle his scandal.


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