Evan Sayet: How Modern Liberals Brainwash People Into Hating America

By Kyle Becker

Evan’s new book The Kindergarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks is based on the Heritage lecture that the late Andrew Breitbart called “One of the five most important conservative speeches ever given.”


It provides perhaps the best paradigm for explaining liberal thought that one could ever hope to encounter.

My favorite passage from Sayet’s new book comes on page 39. After explaining how people’s opinions are like “flavors” of ice cream to the Modern Liberal, he puts his finger on something that is spot on:

“Stupid, bigoted, phobic, evil and greedy are, of course, the only explanations that the Modern Liberal can or does offer to explain why Right-Thinking people don’t join him in support of his latest godless, anti-scientific, utterly infantile and invariably failed schemes.

In fact, take a second and try to think of a single argument that the Modern Liberal offers regarding any issue that doesn’t consist in its entirety of ‘we’re right because (our grandiose self-esteem tells us) we’re morally and intellectually superior, and anyone who disagrees with us is (1) stupid, (2) bigoted, (3) phobic, (4) greedy, or (5) evil.’ The truth is you can’t name one. Not one. Seriously, try it.”

Read full article at Independent Journal Review

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