Irish Politician Slams Obama as Hypocrite of the Century!

Clare Daly, TD for the Dublin North, did not mince words as she spoke before the Irish Parliament Wednesday, following the G8 Summit.

“I think it’s important to take this opportunity to bring a bit of balance into the discussion surrounding the visit of the US President and his wife given the almost unprecedented slobbering over them that the nation has been exposed to over the last number of days.”

“And it’s really hard to know which is worse–whether it’s the outpourings of  the Obamas themselves, or the sycophantic fawning over them by sections of the media and the political establishment.”

“Now I ask you, is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award? Because we have to call things by their right names, and by any serious examination, this man is a war criminal.”


As Huff Po’s Sabrina Siddiqui writes:

The comments were reflective of how global opinion of Obama has shifted on account of his drone policy. European countries have mostly remained favorable toward the president, but opinion in the United Kingdom has been somewhat divided.

Daly was especially incensed by Obama’s speech on the Northern Ireland peace process, which she found to be in contrast with his own record on establishing peace in other parts of the world.

There isn’t much peace in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan, and “there certainly isn’t much peace” in Syria, she said. Daly was also critical of the Obama administration’s decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition, which she said included “jihadists fueling destabilization of that region.”

Though Clare Daly is far from conservative politically, or perhaps even better that she is not, how refreshing to hear someone with the spine to critique Obama for what he really is: a petulant, spoiled, C-I-C who uses the taxpayer money to lecture foreign leaders and citizens in matters where he himself is devoid of knowledge or success.

Obama is no great president; no great man. And with his G8 performance, he’s demonstrated he’s a failed diplomat and statesman. Now the only question is…must he really come home?

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