100 Words On: Sanctuary States? Redundant Much?

TrustActWith all of the hoopla going on over whether a rodeo is the right thing to do in the state of Missouri, and whether a clown mask is racist, some very important policy decisions are being missed.

Like in California, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is mulling over whether to sign The Trust Act, an anti-deportation law being squeezed through their state Senate right now. Can you say sanctuary state?

As if there’s any doubt of the outcome (I mean, Stretch Pelosi is throwing her weight behind it, so there’s an extra 30 pounds of pressure).

This leads me to two questions:

1. Is California really so worried about its Democrat super-duper-majority that it has to import new ones?

2. Is an “anti-deportation” law an “anti-law law”? Or more accurately, is it an anti-law-enforcement-law?

California, apparently, is so unfriendly to illegals they need to pass something like this. Hopefully, some illegal immigrants will start flowing into California now. They deserve it for all their hard work.


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