WW II veteran, 88, beaten to death because he tried to defend himself

In a completely outrageous finding, Spokane police say 88-year-old WW II veteran, Delbert Belton, was only beaten to death because he tried to stop a robbery.

Mr. Belton, who sustained injuries in the Battle of Okinawa, even as an elderly man remained a Greatest Generation hero who tried to do the right thing.

I had 2 great-uncles in World War II, and without a doubt they would have done the same thing. This is why it was the greatest generation: Americans from that era believed in doing what was right at any cost and put others and country before self.

Mr. Belton deserves only our highest esteem and honor; the 3 thugs who beat him deserve all the blame and our complete scorn.

Imagine…a decorated World War II hero fought proudly and fearlessly for our country, then was beaten to death over 1/2 a century later in that country he had taken a bullet for.

One thing is certain: Delbert Belton died the way he lived. Putting others before self and doing the right thing.


WW II veteran
Delbert “Shorty” Belton


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