Belgium gives Obama the perfect gift

Talk about the best gift ever, for the black president who has everything!

The Belgium get the “perfect gift” award, as they present Barack Obama a cookie of his basketball playing self.

Like Obama, the cookie is a mulatto, with a caramel complexion and of course, no Negro dialect. The cookie is certainly non-threatening to guilty white Liberals. The cookie was examined by the FDA and has been deemed “articulate” and most of all “clean.” The cookie has been approved for consumption.

The NAACP is happy that Obama is represented as “black,” in that the cookie was made in the image of a “baller” and not a golfer. Asked for comment, and NAACP spokesperson commented,

“Had the cookie been made into a golfer, there would have been hell to pay…or at the very least ‘reparations.’ Hallelujah!”

It’s safe to say that Obama will likely “re-gift” this one. Read more here at Fox News Online…

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