Black Liberal racist exposed by Bill Maher?

I think I’ve seen the Seventh Sign, as Bill Maher actually exposed W Kamau Bell, as a black Liberal racist.

Maher was discussing Paul Ryan’s comments about what’s happening in the inner cities, and Bell decided to ring the racism bell. W Kamau Bell, the host of a show called “Totally Biased” proved to be exactly that. At least he’s honest about his racism, though he still needs to come to grip with his ignorance.

Racist Liberals pick and choose what they support, and for them to provide an opinion, they need certain facts.

As Bell proved, it is fine for Michelle Obama to make a statement that is far more incendiary than Paul Ryan’s.


Hard to believe I’m writing this, but touche to Bill Maher for exposing W Kamau Bell as just another disingenuous Leftist racist cockroach who needs a haircut.

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